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accomodation, abnormal
akinesia of eyelid function
alternating rapid movement
alternating rapid movement, impaired
apraxia of eyelid opening
ataxic gait
basal ganglia, hemorrhage
blinking, reduced
cerebral dominance
cerebrovascular accident
Charcot's sign
Clinical Pathologic Conference(C.P.C.)
cogwheel rigidty
contractures, joint
convergence, impaired
conversion reaction
extrapyramidal movement disorder, progressive
eye movement, disorders of
fine motor function, impaired
finger numbness
gait disorder
gait, festinating
gaze palsy
gaze palsy, vertical
glabellar sign
intracerebral hemorrhage
inverted writing
jaw jerk, abnormal
kinesia paradoxica
leg dragging
lymphoma involving CNS
lymphoma, primary of CNS
marche a petits pas
masked facies
migraine, equivalents
mirror speech
mirror writing
movement disorder
movement disorder, extrapyramidal
MRI, abnormal
MRI, contrast enhanced
ocular myopathy
ocular myopathy, differential diagnosis
Parkinson disease
Parkinson disease, diagnosis
pigeon English
progressive supranuclear palsy
pseudobulbar palsy
review article
Romberg's sign
saccadic eye movements, abnormal
slurred speech
speech disorder
spontaneous remission
stooped posture
tandem gait, ataxic
tremor, resting
vertical writing
visual allesthesia
voice, abnormality of
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Clinicopath Conf, Primary Lymphoma of CNS
NEJM 346:1009-1015, Case 10-2002, 2002

Mirror-Writing & Reversed Repetition of Digits in a Right-Handed Patient with Left Basal Ganglia Haematoma
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Progressive Supranuclear Palsy-Case Study
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Parkinson's Disease
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Mirror Writing (Book)
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Immunocompetent Patient with Multiple Cranial Nerve Palsies, Ataxia, and Cognitive Decline
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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
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Palatal Myoclonus, Abnormal Eye Movements, and Olivary Hypertrophy in GAD65-Related Disorder
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Challenging Diagnosis of Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker Disease
Neurol 92:101-103, Kang, M.J.,et al, 2019

A 61-Year-Old Woman with Acute Onset Dysgraphia
Neurol 92:e386-e391, Smith, L.R.,et al, 2019

Clinicopathologic Conference, Powassan Virus Encephalitis
NEJM 380:380-387, Case 3-2019, 2019

Clinicopathologic Conference, Pernicious Anemia (Vitamin B12 Deficiency)
NEJM 380:665-674, Case 5-2019, 2019

Clinicopathologic Conference, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
NEJM 380:1566-1574, Case 12-2019, 2019

Toxic Diffuse Isolated Cerebellar Edema from Over-the-Counter Health Supplements
Neurol 92:965-966, Kim, D.D.,et al, 2019

Strokelike Episodes in a Patient with Chronic Gait Abnormalities
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Clinicopathologic Conference, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
NEJM 381:1569-1578, Case 32-2019, 2019

Orofacial Dyskinesia in a Young Man
JAMA Neurol 76:1517-1518, Tian, X.,et al, 2019

Recurrent Dysarthria and Ataxia in a Young Girl
JAMA Neurol 75:125-126, Romba, M.,et al, 2018

Clinical Reasoning: Siblings with Progressive Weakness, Hypotonia, Nystagmus, and Hearing Loss
Neurol 90:e625-e631, Set, K.K.,et al, 2018

A 52-year-old woman with a 3 weeks of progressive gait ataxia and dysarthria
Neurol 90:e985-e989, Ly, C.,et al, 2018

A 60-year-old woman with ataxia
Neurol 90:e1627-e1630, Dandapat, S.,et al, 2018

Progressive cognitive decline, cerebellar ataxia, recurrent myoclonus, and epilepsy
Neurol 90:e1827-e1831, Xiao, F.,et al, 2018

An unusual neuropsychiatric manifestation of systemic lupus erythematosus
Neurol 90:e1929-e1932, Dongkyung, D.,et al, 2018

Clinicopathologic Conference, Poststroke Mania and the Frontal Lobe Syndrome
NEJM 379:182-189, Case 21-2018, 2018

Clinicopathological Conference, Insulinoma
NEJM 379:376-384, Case 23-2018, 2018

A Child with Arthrogryposis
Neurol 91:e995-e998, Irumudomom, O. & Ghosh, P.S., 2018

Young Adult with Dysphagia and Severe Weight Loss
Neurol 91:e1083-e1086, Irumudomon, O. & Ghosh, P.S., 2018

Facial Myokymia and Myorhythmia in Anti-IgLON5 Disease
Neurol 91:e1659, Vetter, E.,et al, 2018

Pantothenate Kinase - Associated Neurodegeneration (PKAN)
Emedicine.Medscape Sept, Hanna, P.A. & Benbadis, S.R., 2018

A 35-year-old Woman with Diplopia, Ataxia, and Altered Mental Status
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Cerebral Atrophy and Leukoencephalopathy in a Young Man Presenting with Encephalitic Episodes
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Clinicopathologic Conference, Primary Progressive Aphasia, Semantic Variant, due to TAR DNA Binding Protein 43 associated Frontotemporal Lobar Degen
NEJM 376:158-167, Case 1-2017, 2017

Clinicopathologic Conference, Posterior Cortical Atrophy with Frontotemporal Lobe Dementia with Gene Mutation
JAMA Neurol 74:114-118, , 2017

Cranial Nerve Hypertrophy in IgG4 Anti-Neurofascin 155 Antibody-Positive Polyneuropathy
Neurol 88:e52, Franques, J.,et al, 2017

Cerebellar Ataxia and Hearing Impairment
JAMA Neurol 74:243-244, Lin, C.Y. & Kuo, S.H., 2017

A 13-year-old boy with Chronic Ataxia and Developmental Delay
Neurol 88:e116-e121, Libdeh, A.A.,et al, 2017

A Child with Delayed Motor Milestones and Ptosis
Neurol 88:e158-e163, Ghosh, P.S., 2017

Man with Recurrent Paralysis and Cerebral White Matter Lesions
JAMA Neurol 74:599-600, Xiao, F., 2017

Precipitous Deterioration of Motor Function, Cognition, and Behavior
JAMA Neurol 74:591-596, Fernandez-Fournier, M.,et al, 2017

Action Tremor, Impaired Balance, and Executive Dysfunction in Midlife
JAMA Neurol 74:603-604, Birch, R.C. & Trollor, J.N., 2017

A 27-year-old man with Acute-Onset Ataxia
Neurol 88:e207-e211, Risco, J. & Weiss, M., 2017

A 58-year-old man with Progressive Ptosis and Walking Difficulty
Neurol 89:e1-e5, Kuo, P.,et al, 2017

A 55-year-old Man with Rapidly Progressive Dementia and Parkinsonism
Neurol 89:e182-e187, Tabuas-Pereira, M.,et al, 2017

Clinicopathologic Conference, Biotinthiamine-Responsive Basal Ganglia Disease Due to Mutation SLC19A3
NEJM 377:2376-2385, Case 38-2017, 2017

Rapid Multifocal Neurologic Decline in an Immunocompromised Patient
JAMA Neurol 73:226-231, Kromm, J.A.,et al, 2016

Metronidazole-Associated Encephalopathy
NEJM 374:1465, Baden, L.R., 2016

A Young Man with Progressive Language Difficulty and Early-Onset Dementia
JAMA Neurol 73:595-599, Botha, H.,et al, 2016

Complete Lingual Palsy from Bilateral Dejerine Syndrome (Bilateral Medial Medullary Stroke)
Neurol 87:550, Tsetsou, S.,et al, 2016

Aphasic Variant of Alzheimer Disease
Neurol 87:1337-1343, Rogalski, E.,et al, 2016

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