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Babinski sign
brain atrophy
CAT scan, abnormal
cerebral dominance
cherry red spot
cherry red spot-myoclonus syndrome
chromosomal abnormality
Clinical Pathologic Conference(C.P.C.)
conversion reaction
degenerative diseases of CNS
developmental milestones, loss of
developmental retardation
electroencephalogram, abnormalities of
eye movement, disorders of
gaze palsy
gaze palsy, supranuclear
intellectual deterioration
inverted writing
lysosomal storage disease
malformation, vascular
malformation, vascular, cerebral
migraine, equivalents
mirror speech
mirror writing
MRI, abnormal
muscle biopsy
neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis
pigeon English
retinal degeneration
seizure, children
speech disorder
ventricular enlargement
vertical writing
visual acuity, decreased
visual allesthesia
visual fields, constricted
visual loss
wide based gait
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Clinicopath Conf, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Late-Onset Infantile Subtype
NEJM 347:672-680, Case 27-2002, 2002

Visual Allesthesia
Neurol 30:1059-1063, Jacobs,L., 1980

Mirror Writing (Book)
Psyche Miniatures Med. Series1928., Critchley,M., 1928

Chorioretinopathy After Corticosteroid Treatment for Optic Neuritis
Neurol 96:e305-e306, Ling, J. and Micieli, J.A., 2021

Bitots Spots, Dry Eyes, and Night Blindness Indicate Vitamin A Deficiency
Lancet 397:e2, Chakraborty, U. & Chandra, A., 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Systemic Primary Amyloidosis
NEJM 384:363-372, Case 3-2021, 2021

Cases of Stroke Presenting with an Isolated Third Nerve Palsy
Stroke 52:e58-e60, Indraswari, F.,et al, 2021

A 48-Year-Old Man Presenting With Diplopia
Neurol 96:399-405, Pehere,N.K.,& Gofer,K., 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Lympohplasmic Lymphoma of the CNS (Bing-Neel Syndrome)
NEJM 384:745-753, Case 6-2021, 2021

Decreased Visual Acuity After a Cat Scratch
BMJ 372:n552, Zhou, L. & Kong, X., 2021

Why cant I see in the dark?
BMJ 373:m1573, Khan, S.,et al, 2021

Sequential Bilateral Vision Loss in a Woman with Scalp Tenderness and Jaw Claudication
JAMA Neurol 78:878-879, Kaufman, A.R.,et al, 2021

A 47-Year-Old With Headache, Vertigo, and Double Vision
Neurol 97:e535-e539, Frey, J.,et al, 2021

A 59-Year-Old Woman Presenting with Diplopia, Dysarthria, Right-sided Weakness, and Encephalopathy
Neurol 97:e859-e864, Manzano, G.S.,et al, 2021

Chronic Meningitis
NEJM 385:930-936, Aksamit, A.J., 2021

Thrombectomy and Thrombolysis of Isolated Posterior Cerebral Artery Occlusion
Stroke 51:254-261, Strambo, D.,et al, 2020

Palatal Myoclonus, Abnormal Eye Movements, and Olivary Hypertrophy in GAD65-Related Disorder
Neurol 94:273-275, Macaron, G.,et al, 2020

Young Woman with Orbital Pain and Diplopia
Neurol 94:e752-e757, Infante, R.,et al, 2020

Homonymous Hemianopia with Normal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
JAMA Ophthalmol doi:10.1001/JAMAOphthalmol.2020.0447, Cai, S.,et al, 2020

Bilateral Pseudohypopyon Causing White Eyes in a Patient with Lymphoma
Lancet 395:e74, Radhakrishnan Iyer, S.S.,et al, 2020

A 22-Year-Old Man with Progressive Bilateral Visual Loss
Neurol 94:625-630, Yang, S.L.,et al, 2020

Blurred Vision
BMJ 368:m569, Zhou, S.,et al, 2020

A 16-year-old Girl with Ataxia, Oscillopsia, and Behavioral Changes
Neurol 94:713-717, Silverman, A.,et al, 2020

Wall-Eyed Bilateral Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia by Ischemic Stroke
Neurologist 25:82-84, Uzawa, A.,et al, 2020

Carotid-Cavernous Fistula Presenting with Bilateral Abducens Palsy
Stroke 51:e107-e110, Peng, T.J.,et al, 2020

Contrast-Induced Encephalopathy Following Coronary Angiography
Neurol 94:e2491-e2494, Harada, Y.,et al, 2020

Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis
WebMD 2020, , 2020

COVID-19 Presenting with Ophthalmoparesis from Cranial Nerve Palsy
Neurol 95:221-223, Dinkin, M.,et al, 2020

A Woman with Monocular Vision Loss
Neurol 95:e1105-e1109, Danish, H.,et al, 2020

Opsoclonus in Anti-Ma2 Brain-Stem Encephalitis
NEJM 383:e84, Sacks, C.A.,et al, 2020

Clinicopathologic Conference, Borrelia Miyamotoi Infection
NEJM 383:1578-1586, Case 32-2020, 2020

Migraine, hearing loss, and blurred vision in a young woman
Neurol 95:e2945-e2950, Sasikumar, S.,et al, 2020

Looking Beyond the Usual
Delhi J Ophthal doi:7869/djo.555, Shakrawal, J.,et al, 2020

Rapidly Progressive Vision Loss in a Patient with Breast Cancer
JAMA 322:1098-1099, Izzo, M.C.,et al, 2019

Kelch-Like Protein 11 Antibodies in Seminoma-Associated Paraneoplastic Encephalitis
NEJM 381:47-54, Mandel-Brehm, C.,et al, 2019

Clinicopathologic Conference, Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
NEJM 381:164-172, Case 21-2019, 2019

Inebilizumab for the Treatment of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (N-MOmentum): A Double-Blind, Randomised Placebo-Controlled Phase 2/3 Trial
Lancet 394:1352-1363,1304, Cree, B.A.C.,et al, 2019

Clinicopathologic Conference, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
NEJM 381:1569-1578, Case 32-2019, 2019

Optic Nerve Enhancement and Restricted Diffusion in Postoperative Visual Loss
Neuro-Ophthalmol 43:337-339, Finelli, P.F., 2019

Progressive Neurological Impairment and an Enhancing Brainstem Lesion in a Middle-Aged Man
JAMA Neurol 76:1397-1398, Gupta, S.,et al, 2019

Global Orbital Infarction Syndrome after a Carotid Artery Dissection
JAMA Neurol 76:111-112, Larrosa Campo, D.,et al, 2019

Blurry Vision and a Black Ink Tattoo
JAMA 321:699-700, Piggott, K.D.,et al, 2019

Clinicopathologic Conference, Ocular Syphilis
NEJM 380:1062-1071, Case 8-2019, 2019

Neurologic IgG4-Related Disease
Neurohospitalist 9:118-119, Topiwala, K.,et al, 2019

Behcet Disease Dec, Davey-Ranasinghe, N. & Diamond, H.S., 2018

Management of Acute Retinal Ischemia
Ophthalmol 125:1597-1607, Viousse, V.,et al, 2018

Selenium Toxicity Associated with Reversible Leukoencephalopathy and Cortical Blindness
JAMA Neurol 75:1282-1283, Rae, W.,et al, 2018

Subacute Progressive Ptosis, Ophthalmoplegia, Gait Instability, and Cognitive Changes
JAMA Neurol 75:1284-1285, Lin, J.,et al, 2018

Pantothenate Kinase - Associated Neurodegeneration (PKAN)
Emedicine.Medscape Sept, Hanna, P.A. & Benbadis, S.R., 2018

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