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attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity
Babinski sign
chromosomal abnormality
cost effectiveness
developmental retardation
DNA probes
ear, abnormal
face, elongated
facial appearance, abnormal
fragile-X syndrome
fragile-X syndrome, carrier
genetic counselling
genetic neurologic disorders
genetic screening
genetic testing
joint hypermobility
mental retardation
mental retardation, familial
neurologic disease, diagnoses of
prenatal diagnosis by amniocentesis
seizure, familial
simian crease
Southern immunoblot test
testicular enlargement
x-linked mental retardation
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A Simplified Six-Item Checklist for Screening for Fragile X Syndrome in the Pediatric Population
J Pediatr 129:611-614, Giangreco,C.A.,et al, 1996

Do Young Boys with Fragile X Syndrome have Macroorchidism
Pediatrics 93:992-995, Lachiewicz,A.M.&Dawson,D.V., 1994

Preventive Screening for the Fragile X Syndrome
NEJM 315:607-609, Turner,G.,et al, 1986

Neurological Findings in Patients with the Fragile-X Syndrome
JNNP 48:150-153, Finelli,P.F.,et al, 1985

Fragile X Syndrome:Associated Neurological Abnormalities & Developmental Disabilities
Ann Neurol 18:665-669, Wisniewski,K.E.,et al, 1985

Fragile X Chromosome & X-Linked Mental Retardation
CMA Journal 127:123-126, Larbrisseau,A.,et al, 1982

The Fragile X-Chromosome Mental Retardation & Large Testes
Arizona Med 37:764-766, Hecht,F.,et al, 1980

Heterozygous Expression Of X-Linked Mental Retardation & X-chromosome Marker fra (X) (q27)
NEJM 303:662-664, Turner,G.,et al, 1980

Showing articles 0 to 8 of 8