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Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy in Stiff-Man Syndrome:A Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Trial
Neurol 45:1893-1897, Silbert,P.L.,et al, 1995
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Article Abstract
We performed a double-blind,placebo-controlled trial of intrathecal baclofen(ITB)in stiff-man syndrome.Three patients,unresponsive to current therapy,received 50 ug of ITB or placebo on sequential days.following ITB, all patients demonstrated improvement in reflex EMG activity.the mean reduction in total EMB activity(from all muscles)following stimulation of the medial plantar nerve(cutaneous flexor reflex)was 72%following 50 ug of ITM compared with 18%following placebo(ANOVA;significant of F,p<0.0001). The mean latency to onset of the response was also significantly prolonged for all muscles following ITB(ANOVA;significance of F,p<0.05).Although reflex EMG activity was reduced in all patients,clinical improvement was evident in only one patient,who differed form the others studies by a longer duration of disease,greater severity of stiffness,less fear of falling,and greater electrophysiologic improvement.
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