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Intrathecal Baclofen for Long-Term Treatment of Spasticity:A Multi-Centre Study
JNNP 52:933-939, Ochs,G.,et al, 1989
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Article Abstract
Twenty eight patients with severe,intractable spasticity have been treated by chronic intrathecal administration of baclofen.An implantable programmable drug-administration-device(DAD)was used with a permanent intrathecal catheter.Infusion of 50 to 800 ug//day of baclofen completely abolished spasticity.Follow-up was up to two years.Therapeutic effect was documented by clinical assessment of tone,spasms and reflexes and by electrophysiological recordings of mono-and polysynaptic reflex activity. Complications and untoward side-effects of the procedure were few.This procedure is recommended for spasticity of spinal origin refractory to physiotherapy and oral medication.It is a preferable alternative to ablative surgical intervention.
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