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Sturge-Weber Syndrome
UptoDate , Nov, Bodensteiner, J.B., 2014

Sturge-Weber Syndrome and Port-Wine Stains Caused by Somatic Mutation in GNAQ
NEJM 368:1971-1979, Shirley, M.,et al, 2013

Sturge-Weber Syndrome
MedLink Neurology, July, Comi, A.M., 2013

Presentation, Diagnosis, Pathophysiology, and Treatment of the Neurological Features of Sturge-Weber Syndrome
The Neurologist 17:179-184, Comi, A.M., 2011

Sturge-Weber Syndrome Presenting in a 58-Year-Old Woman With Seizures
Neurol 75:352, Traub,R.,et al, 2010

Outcomes of 32 Hemispherectomies for Sturge-Weber Worldwide
Neurol 59:1735-1738, Kossoff,E.H.,et al, 2002

Sturge-Weber Syndrome
Neurol 55:1472-1479, Arzimanoglou,A.A.,et al, 2000

Why Would You Remove Half a Brain? Outcome of 58 Children after Hemispherectomy-Johns Hopkins 1968-96
Pediatrics 100:163-171, Vining,E.P.G.,et al, 1997

Diagnosis of Sturge-Weber Syndrome:Comparison of the Efficacy of CT & MR Imaging in 14 Cases
AJR 158:867-871, Marti-Bonmati,L.,et al, 1992

Location of Port-Wine Stains and the Likelihood of Ophthalmic and/or CNS Complications
Pediatrics 87:323-327, Tallman,B.,et al, 1991

Encephalotrigeminal Angiomatosis
In Rowland's Merritt's Textbk of Neurology, Lea & Febiger, Phila, 8thEd, p. 582, Gold,A.P., 1989

Epilepsy with Bilateral Occipital Calcifications:A Benign Onset with Progressive Severity
Neurol 38:913-920, Gobbi,G.,et al, 1988

Sturge-Weber-Dimitri Disease without Facial Nevus
Neurol 37:1063-1064, Taly,A.B.,et al, 1987

Medical Implications of Computed Tomography ("Cat scanning")
NEJM 298:255, Abrams,H.L.,et al, 1978

Showing articles 0 to 14 of 14