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brachial plexus
brachial plexus injury
Erb's palsy
long thoracic nerve
meralgia paresthetica
neuropathy, backpack
posterior interosseous nerve
posterior interosseous neuropathy
serratus anterior muscle, weakness
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Another Kind of Knapsack Palsy
Neurol 46:585-586, Pringle,C.E.,et al, 1996

Trekker's Shoulder
NEJM 322:1611, Rosario,P.G.&Fernandes,S., 1990

Brachial Plexus Injury From Tight Backpack Straps
NEJM 305:524-525, Goodson,J.D., 1981

Back-Pack Meralgia
(Letter) NEJM 292:702975., MacKay,A., 1975

A 6-Year-Old Boy with Muscle Twitching
Neurol 96:e301-e304, Lewis, H.S.,et al, 2021

Chorioretinopathy After Corticosteroid Treatment for Optic Neuritis
Neurol 96:e305-e306, Ling, J. and Micieli, J.A., 2021

Paraneoplastic Myeloneuropathies
Neurol 96:e632-e639, Shah, S.,et al, 2021

Cranial Nerve Disorders Associated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Neurol 96:e866-e875, Vogrig, A.,et al, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Lympohplasmic Lymphoma of the CNS (Bing-Neel Syndrome)
NEJM 384:745-753, Case 6-2021, 2021

An Unusual Cause of Sciatica in an Immunocompromised Patient
BMJ 372:n632, Kumar Singh, R., 2021

A Teenager with Shortness of Breath and Difficulty Walking
Neurol 96:e2346-e2350, Liu, S.C.,et al, 2021

Neurologic Involvement in Children and Adolescents Hospitalized in the United States for Covid-19 or Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
JAMA Neurol 78:536-547, LaRovere, K.L.,et al, 2021

Radiation-Induced Bilateral Oculomotor Nerve Palsy 20 Years After Radiation Treatment
Neurol 96:955-957, Grassmeyer, J.J.,et al, 2021

A 29-Year-Old Man with Fevers and Rapidly Progressive Cranial Neuropathies
Neurol 97:95-98, Dessy, A.,et al, 2021

A 64-Year-Old Man with Multiple Cranial Neuropathies
Neurol 97:e215-e221, Lefland, A.,et al, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Cerebellar Ataxia, Neuropathy and Vestibular Areflexia Syndrome
NEJM 385:165-175, Case 20-2021, 2021

A 47-Year-Old With Headache, Vertigo, and Double Vision
Neurol 97:e535-e539, Frey, J.,et al, 2021

A 59-Year-Old Woman Presenting with Diplopia, Dysarthria, Right-sided Weakness, and Encephalopathy
Neurol 97:e859-e864, Manzano, G.S.,et al, 2021

A 42-Year-Old Woman with Mysterious Monocytic Meningitis
Neurol 97:449-454, Nothem, M.E., et al, 2021

Chronic Meningitis
NEJM 385:930-936, Aksamit, A.J., 2021

A 49-Year-OLD Woman with Progressive Numbness and Gait Instability
Neurol 97:342-347, Zahid, A.,et al, 2021

"Cortical" Wrist Drop due to a Cerebral Peduncle Infarct
Case Rep Neurol 12:207-211, Venketasubramanian, N.,et al, 2020

Looking Beyond the Usual
Delhi J Ophthal doi:7869/djo.555, Shakrawal, J.,et al, 2020

Telemedicine in Neurology
Neurol 94:30-38,16, Hatcher-Martin, J.M.,et al, 2020

A 57-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Ataxia and Falls
Neurol 95:650-656, Badahdah, A., 2020

Sensory Ganglionopathy
NEJM 383:1657-1662, Amato, A.A. & Ropper, A.H., 2020

Thigh Pain After a Stroke
BMJ 371:m3697, Long, V. & Tham, S.-L., 2020

A case of COVID-19-associated pharyngeal-cervical-brachial variant of Guillain-Barre syndrome
Neurol 95:978-983, Liberatore, G.,et al, 2020

Guillain-Barre Syndrome Associated with SARS-CoV-2
NEJM 382:2574-2576, Tuscano, G.,et al, 2020

Guillain-Barre Syndrome Associated with JEV Infection
NEJM 383:1188-1190, Wang, G.,et al, 2020

An 11-year-old girl with focal seizures, fevers, and unilateral, enhancing cortical lesions
Neurol 95:e3153-e3159, Russ, J.B.,et al, 2020

Imaging Review of Paraneoplastic Neurologic Syndromes
AJNR 41:2176-2187, Madhavan, A.A.,et al, 2020

Immunocompetent Patient with Multiple Cranial Nerve Palsies, Ataxia, and Cognitive Decline
Neurol 94:e225-e229, Nigam, M.,et al, 2020

Rapidly Progressive Gait Disorder and Cranial Nerves Involvement in a 9-year-old boy
Neurol 94:e330-e334, Lipp, A.,et al, 2020

Stroke Presenting with Isolated Superior Branch of Cranial Nerve III Palsy
Neurol 94:e562-e563, Kapor, G.,et al, 2020

Young Woman with Orbital Pain and Diplopia
Neurol 94:e752-e757, Infante, R.,et al, 2020

A 59-year-old Woman with Multiple Myeloma and Lower Extremity Weakness and Numbness
Neurol 94:794-800, Gadot, R.,et al, 2020

Clinical and Radiologic Features of Pedicatric Opioid Use-Associated Neurotoxicity with Cerebellar Edema (POUNCE) Syndrome
Neurol 94:710-712, Kim, D.D. & Prasad, A.N., 2020

Isolated Oculomotor Nerve Palsy due to Pituitary Apoplexy Missed on CT scan
Neurol 94:e1774-e1777, Marzoughi, S.,et al, 2020

A 22-Year-Old Man with Progressive Bilateral Visual Loss
Neurol 94:625-630, Yang, S.L.,et al, 2020

A 45-Year-Old Man with Progressive Insomia and Psychiatric and Motor Symptoms
Neurol 94:e1213-e1218, Lima, J.E.E.,et al, 2020

Blurred Vision
BMJ 368:m569, Zhou, S.,et al, 2020

Surgery Versus Conservative Care for Persistent Sciatica Lasting 4 to 12 Months
NEJM 382:1093-1102,1161, Bailey, C.S.,et al, 2020

Severe Neurological Toxicity of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Growing Spectrum
Ann Neurol 87:659-669, Dubey, D.,et al, 2020

Pernicious Anaemia
BMJ 369:m1319, Mohamed, M.,et al, 2020

Facial Nerve Marginal Mandibular Branch Lesion
Neurol 94:e2069-e2071, Fleuren, K. & Staals, J., 2020

Neurologic Complications of Coronavirus Infections
Neurol 94:809-810, Nath, A., 2020

Pregabalin and Gabapentin for Pain
BMJ 369:m1315, Mathieson, S.,et al, 2020

Carotid-Cavernous Fistula Presenting with Bilateral Abducens Palsy
Stroke 51:e107-e110, Peng, T.J.,et al, 2020

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