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amaurosis fugax
cluster headache
eye, pain in
headache, icepick
headache, severe
headache, sudden onset of
headache, treatment of
Horner's syndrome
Horner's syndrome, painful
occipital neuralgia
pain, head
pain, periorbital
paratrigeminal syndrome
review article
temporal artery, tender
treatment of neurologic disorder
visual loss, sudden-unilateral
visual loss, transient
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Idiopathic Stabbing Headache Associated With Monocular Visual Loss
Arch Neurol 57:745-746, Ammache,Z.,et al, 2000

Icepick-like Pains
Lance, J. W. In, The Headaches, Raven Press, NY, Ch 91, p 609, , 1993

Ocular and Periocular Pain
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Icepick-like Pain
Neurol 30:203-205, Raskin,N.H.&Schwartz,R.K., 1980

Headache, Cognitive Decline, and a Curious Rim-Enhancing Lesion
JAMA Neurol 78:613-614, Beaman, C.B.,et al, 2021

A 7-Year-Old Boy with Acute-Onset Altered Mental Status
Neurol 96:e2774-e2778, Wong, G.J.,et al, 2021

Early Risk of Readmission Following Hospitalization for Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome
Neurol 96:e2912-e2919, Garg, A.,et al, 2021

Acute Treatment for Migraine
JAMA 325:2346-2347, Burch, R. & Rayhill, M., 2021

An Unusual Presentation of Prolonged Delirium
BMJ 373:N1423, Bume, R.,et al, 2021

Cerebral Venous Thrombosis
NEJM 385:59-64, Ropper, A.H. & Kline, J.P., 2021

A 29-Year-Old Man with Fevers and Rapidly Progressive Cranial Neuropathies
Neurol 97:95-98, Dessy, A.,et al, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Listeria Monocytogenes Bacteremia Resulting in Fetal Loss
NEJM 385:265-274, Case 21-2021, 2021

Clinical Presentation and Management of SMART Syndrome
Neurol 97:118-120, Winter, S.F.,et al, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Cerebral Amyloid Angiopatny-Related Inflammation
NEJM 385:358-368, Case 22-2021, 2021

A 47-Year-Old With Headache, Vertigo, and Double Vision
Neurol 97:e535-e539, Frey, J.,et al, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Acute human immunodeficiency virus type 1
NEJM 385:641-648, Case 24-2021, 2021

Atogepant for the Preventive Treatment of Migraine
NEJM 385:695-706, Ailani,J.,et al, 2021

A 59-Year-Old Woman Presenting with Diplopia, Dysarthria, Right-sided Weakness, and Encephalopathy
Neurol 97:e859-e864, Manzano, G.S.,et al, 2021

Genetics of Cluster Headache Takes a Leap
Ann Neurol 90:191-192, Palotie, A., 2021

Cerebral Venous Thrombosis and Hypercoagulability Associated with In Vitro Fertilization
Stroke 52:e554-e557, Farooqui A.B.,et al, 2021

Chronic Meningitis
NEJM 385:930-936, Aksamit, A.J., 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Systemic Primary Amyloidosis
NEJM 384:363-372, Case 3-2021, 2021

A Woman with Headache, Hemiplegia, and Recent Toothache
BMJ 372:n10, Yuen, J. & Muquit, S., 2021

Molecular Diagnostic Yield of Exome Sequencing in Patients with Cerebral Palsy
JAMA 325:467-475, Moreno-De-Luca, A.,et al, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Lympohplasmic Lymphoma of the CNS (Bing-Neel Syndrome)
NEJM 384:745-753, Case 6-2021, 2021

A 36-Year-Old Woman Presenting with Headache Postpartum
Neurol 96:e1585-e1589, Nehme, A.,et al, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Pheochromocytoma
NEJM 384:1145-1155, Case 9-2021, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Meningitis
NEJM 384:166-176, Case 1-2021, 2021

Immunoglobulin G4-related Hypertrophic Pachymeningitis Mimicking Temporal Arteritis
Neurol 94:(15 suppl), Han, J.Y.,et al, 2020

A 73-Year-Old Man with Recurrent Aphasia, Headaches, and Confusion
Neurol 95:e2595-e2599, Bose, G.,et al, 2020

NEJM 383:1866-1876, Ashina, M., 2020

Dural Defect Repair as Treatment for Refractory Headache From Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak
Neurol 95:e2831-e2833, Chan,T.L.H., et al, 2020

Migraine, hearing loss, and blurred vision in a young woman
Neurol 95:e2945-e2950, Sasikumar, S.,et al, 2020

An 11-year-old girl with focal seizures, fevers, and unilateral, enhancing cortical lesions
Neurol 95:e3153-e3159, Russ, J.B.,et al, 2020

Factors Associated with Risk of Recurrent Transient Global Amnesia
JAMA Neurol 77:1551-1558, Morris, K.A.,et al, 2020

Clinicopathologic conference, Cryptococcal meningoencephalitis and advanced HIV infection
NEJM 383:2572-2580, Case 40-2020, 2020

Pract Neurol 19:13, Gollomp, S. & Mathew, P.G., 2020

Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis
WebMD 2020, , 2020

Neuropathological Features of Covid-19
NEJM doi:10.1056/NEJMc2019373, Solomon, I.H.,et al, 2020

COVID-19: A Global Threat to the Nervous System
Ann Neurol 88:1-11, Koralnik, I.J. & Tyler, K.L., 2020

Clinical Characteristics, Risk Factors, and Outcomes of POEMS Syndrome
Neurol 95:e268-e279, Keddie, S.,et al, 2020

Burning Pain in the Legs
NEJM 383:e18, Sacks, C.A., 2020

One-Year Sustained Efficacy of Erenumab in Episodic Migraine
Neurol 95:e469-e479, Goadsby, P.J.,et al, 2020

Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension: Atypical Radiologic Appearances, Imaging Mimickers, and Clinical Look-Alikes
AJNR 41:1339-1347, Bond, K.M.,et al, 2020

Clinicopathologic Conference, Cerebrovascular Accident Probably Related to SARS-CoV2 Infection
NEJM 383:764-773, Case 26-2020, 2020

Clinicopathologic Conference, HIV Type 2 Infection & Cerebral Toxoplasmosis
NEJM 383:859-866, Case 27-2020, 2020

A 14-Year-Old Boy with Acute Weakness, Parethesias, and Headache
Neurol 95:e1285-e1289, Seese, R.R.,et al, 2020

Tattoo Reaction - A Diagnostic Clue in Neurosarcoidosis
JAMA Neurol 77:1167-1168, Halliday, A.J.,et al, 2020

An Adolescent Girl Presenting with Worsening Vertigo, Headache, and Ataxia
Neurol 95:e1760-e1763, Brigham, E.,et al, 2020

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