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abducens nerve paralysis
abducens nerve paralysis, bilateral
adolescent medicine
Aldrich's syndrome
antibiotics, neurologic complications with
basal ganglia, calcification of
bitemporal visual field defect
blind spot, enlarged
blood dyscrasias, neurologic findings with
body mass index
brain biopsy
calcification, intracranial
cerebrospinal fluid, pressure increased
cerebrovascular accident
cerebrovascular accident, young adult
cerebrovascular disease, risk factors in
cranial nerve palsies
demyelinating disease
diabetes insipidus
diagnostic criteria
differential diagnosis
dural sinus thrombosis
emergencies, neurologic
fontanel, bulging
fundus, abnormality of
genetic neurologic disorders
growth retardation
headache, positional
headache, severe
hyperpigmentation of skin
intellectual deficit
intracranial hypertension, benign
intracranial hypertension, benign, children
intracranial hypertension, benign, without papilledema
intracranial pressure, increased
leukoencephalopathy, toxic
level of consciousness, decreased
lumbar drain
lumbar puncture
lumbar puncture, indications for
mental retardation
mental status, abnormal
metabolic acidosis
MRI, abnormal
MRI, CAT scan compared to
MRI, negative
MRI, serial
nausea and vomiting
neoplasm, primary of CNS
neoplasm, primary of CNS-children
neoplasm, primary of CNS-incidence of
neoplasm, primary of CNS-treatment of
neurologic disease, diagnoses of
nystagmus, see-saw
obesity, childhood
optic atrophy
optic foramina
optic foramina, abnormal
optic nerve sheath fenestration
prevention of neurologic disorders
progressive neurologic disorder
psychomotor retardation
retinal hemorrhages
review article
risk factors
seizure, children
short stature
shunt procedure, ventricular
shunt procedure, ventriculo-peritoneal
skull x-ray, abnormal
steroid therapy, CNS treatment and complications with
treatment of neurologic disorder
vision, blurred
visual acuity, decreased
visual field defect
visual loss
visual loss, slow
visual loss, sudden
visual obscurations, transient
vitamin A
weight gain
white matter disease
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Body Mass Index in 1.9 Million Adolescents and Stroke in Young Adulthood
Stroke 52:2043-2052, Bardugo, A.,et al, 2021

A 12-year-old girl with headache and change in mental status
Neurol 90:524-529, Patel, P.,et al, 2018

BMI Increase through Puberty and Adolescence is Associated with Risk of Adult
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Obesity Increases Risk of Ischemic Stroke in Young Adults
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Revised Diagnostic Criteria for the Pseudotumor Cerebri Syndrome in Adults and Children
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Obesity Is a Common Comorbidity for Pediatric Patients with Untreated, Newly Diagnosed Epilepsy
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Fulminant Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension:Report of Seven Cases
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Craniopharyngyoma in Children
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Osteopetrosis, Renal Tubular Acidosis & Basal Ganglia Calcification in Three Sisters
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Benign Intracranial Hypertension
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A 7-Year-Old Boy with Acute-Onset Altered Mental Status
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A 13-Year-Old Boy with Subacute-Onset Spastic Gait
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Clinicopathologic Conference, Cerebellar Ataxia, Neuropathy and Vestibular Areflexia Syndrome
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Imaging Patterns Characterizing Mitochondrial Leukodystrophies
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Clinicopathologic Conference, Lympohplasmic Lymphoma of the CNS (Bing-Neel Syndrome)
NEJM 384:745-753, Case 6-2021, 2021

Pediatric Parainfectious Encephalitis Associated with COVID-19
Neurol 96:541-544, Gaughan, M.,et al, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Pheochromocytoma
NEJM 384:1145-1155, Case 9-2021, 2021

Decreased Visual Acuity After a Cat Scratch
BMJ 372:n552, Zhou, L. & Kong, X., 2021

A Teenager with Shortness of Breath and Difficulty Walking
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Neurologic Involvement in Children and Adolescents Hospitalized in the United States for Covid-19 or Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
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A 6-Year-Old Boy with Muscle Twitching
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Acute Flaccid Myelitis: Cause, Diagnosis, and Management
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Degenerative Cervical Spondylosis
NEJM 383:159-168, Theodore, N., 2020

Distal Symmetric Polyneuropathy in 2020
JAMA 324:90-92, Callaghan, B.C.,et al, 2020

Complex Ataxia
Neurol 95:136-141, Abkur, T.,et al, 2020

Childhood Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
NEJM 383:393-395, Levin, M., 2020

A 10-Year-Old Girl with Muscle Stiffness
Neurol 95:e773-e778, Prior, D.E. & Ghosh, P.S., 2020

Determination of Brain Death/Death by Neurologic Criteria
JAMA doi:10.1001/JAMA.2020.11586, Greer, D.M.,et al, 2020

Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Associated with COVID-19
AJNR 41:1370-1376, Cavalcanti, D.D.,et al, 2020

Pediatric Leigh Syndrome
Ann Neurol 88:218-232, Alves, C.A.P.F.,et al, 2020

A 14-Year-Old Boy with Acute Weakness, Parethesias, and Headache
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Radiologically Isolated Syndrome: A Review for Neuroradiologists
AJNR 41:1542-1549, Hosseiny, M.,et al, 2020

A Young Generalized Dystonia Patient with Globus-Pallidus-Specific Lesion
Ann Neurol 88:637-638, Wu, H.,et al, 2020

An Adolescent Girl Presenting with Worsening Vertigo, Headache, and Ataxia
Neurol 95:e1760-e1763, Brigham, E.,et al, 2020

NEJM 383:1866-1876, Ashina, M., 2020

An 11-year-old girl with focal seizures, fevers, and unilateral, enhancing cortical lesions
Neurol 95:e3153-e3159, Russ, J.B.,et al, 2020

Analysis of 70 patients with hydrocephalus due to cobalamin C deficiency
Neurol 95:e3129-e3137, He, R.,et al, 2020

Clinicopathologic conference, Vitamin D deficiency
NEJM 383:2462-2470, Case 39-2020, 2020

Looking Beyond the Usual
Delhi J Ophthal doi:7869/djo.555, Shakrawal, J.,et al, 2020

Stenting for Acute Carotid Artery Dissection
Stroke 51:e3-e6, Brown, S.C.,et al, 2020

Acute Ischemic Stroke in Adolescents
Neurol 94:e158-e169, Rambaud, R.,et al, 2020

Feasibility, Safety, and Outcome of Endovascular Recanalization in Childhood Stroke
JAMA Neurol 77:25-34, Sporns, P.B.,et al, 2020

Rapidly Progressive Gait Disorder and Cranial Nerves Involvement in a 9-year-old boy
Neurol 94:e330-e334, Lipp, A.,et al, 2020

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
BMJ 368:L7012, Fox, H.,et al, 2020

Clinicopathologic Conference, Intraparenchymal & Intracranial Hemorrhage due to Birth Trauma
NEJM 382:656-664, Case 5-2020, 2020

New Onset Weakness in the Face and Arm
BMJ 368:L7077, Brites, L.,et al, 2020

Hopkins Syndrome
Neurol 94:e996-e997, Sgobbi de Souza, P. V.,et al, 2020

Clinical and Radiologic Features of Pedicatric Opioid Use-Associated Neurotoxicity with Cerebellar Edema (POUNCE) Syndrome
Neurol 94:710-712, Kim, D.D. & Prasad, A.N., 2020

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