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abducens nerve paralysis
brachial plexus
brachial plexus injury
brachial plexus, lesion of
cranial nerve palsies
gag reflex, depressed
hypoglossal nerve paralysis
mastectomy, radical
optic nerve
peripheral nerve, lesion of
radiation therapy, CNS treatment and complications with
recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis
third nerve palsy
tongue, hemiatrophy of
visual acuity, decreased
visual field defect
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Unilat Hypo Nr Atrophy Late Complic of Radiat Therapy of Head & Neck CA, Review of Periph & Cranial Nr Damages after Rad Therapy
Cancer 35:1537, Cheng,V., 1975

A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial of Ginkgo Biloba for the Prevention of Cognitive Decline
Neurol 70:1807-1817,1730, Dodge,H.H.,et al, 2008

Vitamin E and Donepezil for the Treatment of Mild Cognitive Impairment
NEJM 352:2379-2388,2439, Petersen,R.C.,et al, 2005

Reduced Risk of Alzheimer Disease in Users of Antioxidant Vitamin Supplements
Arch Neurol 61:82-88, Zandi,P.P.,et al, 2004

Antioxidant Vitamin Intake and Risk of Alzheimer Disease
Arch Neurol 60:203-208, Luchsinger,J.A.,et al, 2003

Dietary Antioxidants and the Risk of Ischemic Stroke
Neurol 61:1273-1275, Voko,Z.,et al, 2003

Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Muscle Nerve 25:135-159, Hand,C.K. &Rouleau,G.A., 2002

Friedreich Ataxia
Arch Neurol 59:743-747, Lynch,D.R.,et al, 2002

Prognostic Significance of Uric Acid Serum Concentration in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke
Stroke 33:1048-1052, Chamorro,A.,et al, 2002

Intakes of Vitamins E and C, Carotenoids, Vitamin Supplements, and PD Risk
Neurol 59:1161-1169, Zhang,S.M.,et al, 2002

Prevention of Radiographic-Contrast-Agent-Induced Reductions In Renal Function by Acetylcysteine
NEJM 343:180-184,210, Tepel,J. et al, 2000

Antioxidant Therapy in Neurologic Disease
Arch Neurol 57:1265-1270, Delanty,N. & Dichter,M.A., 2000

Vitamin E and Beta Carotene Supplementation in High Risk for Stroke
Arch Neurol 57:1503-1509, Leppala,J.M.,et al, 2000

Intake of Flavonoids, Carotenoids,Vitamins C and E, and Risk of Stroke in Male Smokers
Stroke 31:2301-2306, Hirvonen,T.,et al, 2000

N-Acetylcysteine Therapy for Unverricht-Lundborg Disease
Neurol 52:426-427, Selwa,L.M., 1999

Relation of Consumption of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Carotenoids to Risk for Stroke among Men in the United States
Ann Int Med 130:963-970, Ascherio,A.,et al, 1999

Neuroprotective Properties of Statins in Cerebral Ischemia and Stroke
Stroke 30:1969-1973, Vaughan,C.J.&Delanty,N., 1999

Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
NEJM 341:1670-1679, Mayeux,R.&Sano,M, 1999

Effect of Vitamin C on Frequency of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophty in Wrist Fractures:A Randomised Trial
Lancet 354:2025-2028, Zollinger,P.E.,et al, 1999

Morality in DATATOP:A Multicenter Trial in Early Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson Study Group, Ann Neurol 43:318-3251998., , 1998

Pharmacologic Treatment of Cognition in Alzheimer's Dementia
Neurol 51:S36-S44, Farlow,M.R.&Evans,R.M., 1998

A Controlled Trial of Selegiline, Alpha-Tocopherol, or Both as Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease
NEJM 336:1216-1222, 12451997., Sano,M.,et al, 1997

Antioxidants and Dementia
Lancet 349:1189-1190, Lethem,R.&Orrell,M., 1997

Dietary Antioxidants and Parkinson Disease
Arch Neurol 54:762-765, deRijk,M.C.,et al, 1997

An Update on Primary Drug Therapies for Alzheimer Disease
Arch Neurol 54:1406-1409, Knopman,D.S.&Morris,J.C., 1997

A Man with Weight Loss, Ataxia, and Confusion for 3 Months
Lancet 347:448, Beversdorf,D.,et al, 1996

Impact of Deprenyl and Toxopherol Treatment on Parkinson's Disease in DATATOP Subjects Not Requiring Levodopa
Parkinson Study Group, Ann Neurol 39:29-361996., , 1996

Impact of Deprenyl and Toxopherol Treatment on Parkinson's Disease in DATATOP Patients Requiring Levodopa
Parkinson Study Group, Ann Neurol 39:37-451996., , 1996

Cognitive Impairment & Mortality in a Cohort of Elderly People
BMJ 312:608-611, Gale,C.R.,et al, 1996

Dietary Flavonoids, Antioxidant Vitamins, and Incidence of Stroke
Arch Int Med 154:637-642, Keli,S.O.,et al, 1996

Case-Control Study of Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease and Dietary Vitamin E Intake
Neurol 46:1270-1274, Morens,D.M.,et al, 1996

Isolated Vitamin E Deficiency
Muscle & Nerve 19:1161-1165996., Jackson,C.E.,et al, 1996

Vitamin C and Risk of Death from Stroke and Coronary Heart Disease in Cohort of Elderly People
BMJ 310:1563-1566, 15481995., Gale,G.R.,et al, 1995

Spinocerebellar Ataxias and Ataxins
NEJM 333:1351-1353, Rosenberg,R.N., 1995

Primary Prevention of Stroke
NEJM 333:1392-1400, Bronner,L.L.,et al, 1995

Adult-Onset Spinocerebellar Dysfunction Caused by a Mutation in the Gene for the a-Tocopherol-Transfer Protein
NEJM 333:1313-1318, 13511995., Gotoda,T.,et al, 1995

Oxidative Damage in Neurodegenerative Disease
Lancet 344:796-798, Jenner,P., 1994

Superoxide Dismutase and ALS
Lancet 344:1651-1652, Orrell,R.W.&deBelleroche,J.S., 1994

Effects of Tocopherol and Deprenyl on the Progression of Disability in Early Parkinson's Disease
The Parkinson Study Group, NEJM 328:176-1831993., , 1993

The Neurologic Syndrome of Vitamin E Deficiency:A Significant Cause of Ataxia
Neurol 43:2167-2169, Kayden,H.J., 1993

The Free Radical Hypothesis in Idiopathic Parkinsonism:Evidence Against It
Ann Neurol 32:799-803, Calne,D.B., 1992

The Oxident Stress Hypothesis in parkinson's Disease:Evidence Supporting it
Ann Neurol 32:804-812, Fahn,S.&Cohen,G., 1992

Deprenyl Effects of Levodopa Pharmacodynamics, Mood, and Free Radical Scavenging
Neurol 42:541-544, Baronti,F.,et al, 1992

Antibodies to Oxidised LDL in Atherosclerosis
Editorial, Lancet 339:899-9001992., , 1992

Serum Concentrations of Vitamins A and E and Early Outcome after Ischaemic Stroke
Lancet 339:1562-1565, DeKeyser,J.,et al, 1992

Treatment of Nocturnal Leg Cramps, A Crossover Trial of Quinine vs Vitamin E
Arch Int Med 152:1877-1880, Connolly,P.S.,et al, 1992

Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation Defects in Parkinson's Disease
Ann Neurol 30:332-339, 3301991., Shoffner,J.M.,et al, 1991

Free Radicals in Central Nervous System Ischemia
Stroke 21:1086-1090, Schmidley,J.W., 1990

Effect of Intramuscular Vitamin E on Mortality and Intracranial Hemorrhage in Neonates of 1000 Grams or Less
Pediatrics 85:578-584, Fish,W.H.,et al, 1990

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