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accomodation, abnormal
Adies pupil
Argyll Robertson pupil
autonomic dysfunction
bulbar palsy
bulbar palsy, acute
cataract surgery
cerebrovascular accident
Clinical Pathologic Conference(C.P.C.)
cranial nerve palsies
cranial neuropathy
diabetes mellitus
diabetes mellitus, neurologic manifestations of
diabetes mellitus, ocular complications in
episodic disorders
episodic neurologic deficits
eye injury
false negative
false negative VDRL
fluorescent treponema antibody absorption(FTA-ABS)
Horner's syndrome
Horner's syndrome, childhood
intracerebral hemorrhage
light-near dissociation, causes of
midbrain, hemorrhage
midbrain, infarction of
MRI, abnormal
nausea and vomiting
neuromuscular blockade
neuromuscular junction, abnormality of
pain, abdominal
palate, paralysis
ptosis, bilateral
pupil, abnormality in neurologic disorders
pupil, dilated and fixed, bilateral
pupil, dilated and fixed, unilateral
pupil, dilated, bilateral
pupil, dilated, unilateral
pupil, light reflex of
pupil, light reflex, abnormal
pupil, oval
pupil, tonic
respiratory failure
review article
Ross syndrome
salivation, excessive
skin, lesions in neurologic disorders
sweating, abnormality of
syphilis, diagnosis and treatment
syphilis, neurologic complications with
tongue, impaired movements of
tongue, weakness
uncal herniation
vocal cord paralysis
weakness, generalized
weakness, proximal
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The Tadpole Pupil
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Clinicopathologic Conference, Botulism
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Oval Pupil
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Holmes-Adie Syndrome
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The Opposite Pupil in Herniation
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Ross Syndrome & Skin Changes
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Oval Pupils
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Pupil Shape in Syphilis
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Stroke Presenting with Isolated Superior Branch of Cranial Nerve III Palsy
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New Onset Weakness in the Face and Arm
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Clinical and Radiologic Features of Pedicatric Opioid Use-Associated Neurotoxicity with Cerebellar Edema (POUNCE) Syndrome
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A 25-year-old Woman with Recurrent Episodes of Collapse and Loss of Consciousness
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Neurological Impairments in a Patient Returning from Cuba
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Clinicopathologic Conference, Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
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Bilateral Claude Syndrome
Neurol 93:599-600, Witsch, J.,et al, 2019

Global Orbital Infarction Syndrome after a Carotid Artery Dissection
JAMA Neurol 76:111-112, Larrosa Campo, D.,et al, 2019

Bilateral Cavernous Carotid Aneurysms: Atypical Presentation of a Rare Cause of Mass Effect
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Proptosis and Double Vision in a Child
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Toxidrome Recognition in Chemical - Weapons Attacks
NEJM 378:1611-1620, Ciottone, G.R., 2018

Orbital Apex Syndrome
NEJM 378:18, Sacks. C.A., 2018

Clinicopathologic Conference, Granulomatous Amebic Encephalitis and Sarcoidosis (Inactive)
NEJM 376:368-379, Case 3-2017, 2017

A 57-year-old man with Unilateral Anosmia, Papilledema, and Meningismus
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50 Year Old Man with Cloudy Vision, Hearing Loss, and Unsteadiness
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A 12-Year Old Child with Fever, Headache, Shock and Coma
Lancet 385:576, Amores-Hernandez, I.,et al, 2015

A 44-year-old Woman with Rapidly Progressive Weakness and Ophthalmoplegia
Neurol 85:e22-e27, Schreck, K.C.,et al, 2015

The Acquired Metabolic Disorders of the Nervous System, Hypoglycemic Encephalopathy
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology Chp 40, pg 1139, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Disorders of the Nervous System Caused by Drugs, Toxins, and Chemical Agents, Sedative-Hypnotic Drugs
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology Chp 43, pg 1206, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Disorders of the Nervous System Caused by Drugs, Toxins and Chemical Agents, Mescaline, LSD, and Psilocybin
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Serotonin Syndrome
BMJ 348:g1626, Buckley, N.A.,et al, 2014

Giant Cell Arteritis
Lancet 383:1182, McAlinden, C.,et al, 2014

Sudden Unilateral Painless Loss of Vision
BMJ 349:g4117, Georgalas, I.,et al, 2014

Clinical Reasoning: A 45-year-old Woman with Reversible Bilateral Hearing Loss
Neurol 80:e23-e26, Woo, P.,et al, 2013

Limbic Encephalitis as the Presenting Feature of Sj�gren Syndrome
Neurol Clin Pract 3:165-167, Finelli, P. & Inoa, V., 2013

Ptosis, Erythema, and Rapidly Decreasing Vision
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Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus-Induced Oculomotor Nerve Palsy
J Optom 6:60-65, Harthan, J.S. & Borgman, C.J., 2013

Cluster Headache
BMJ 344:e2407, Nesbitt,A.D.,et al, 2012

Reversible Paraneoplastic Tonic Pupil
Neurol 78:1820-1822, Horta, E.,et al, 2012

Clinical Reasoning: A Case of Acute Onset Bilateral Ptosis in a Young Child
Neurol 79:e155-e160, Das, D.,et al, 2012

Horners Syndrome-Not To Be Sneezed At
Lancet 375:776, Bazari,F.,et al, 2010

Clinicopath Conf, Intravascular Large-B-Cell Lympoma
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Predictors of Neurologic Outcome in Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest
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Neurologic Prognosis After Cardiac Arrest
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Clinicopath Conf., Anti-MNDAR Antibody Mediated Paraneoplastic Limbic Encephalitis Associated With Ovarian Teratoma
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Clinicopath Conf., Allergic Fungal Sinusitis
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Predicting Outcome After Traumatic Brain Injury: Practical Prognostic Models Based on Large Cohort of International Patients
BMJ 336:425-429,397, MRC Crash Trial Collaborators, 2008

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