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anterior interosseous neuropathy
fracture, long bones, nerve injury with
Gantzer's muscle
intrinsic hand muscles, wasting of
Martin-Gruber anastamosis
median nerve
median neuropathy
mononeuropathy, motor
nerve conduction studies
nerve grafting
nerve injury
pronator syndrome
ulnar nerve
ulnar neuropathy
ulnar-to-median nerve anastamosis
Volkmann's ischemia
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Ulnar-to-median Nerve Anastomosis in the Forearm:Electromyographic Studies
Neurol 29:1534-1537, Streib,E.W., 1979

Anterior Interosseous Nerve Palsy:Spontaneous Recovery in Two Patients
JNNP 37:1146, Gardner-Thorpe,C., 1974

Injuries to the Major Branches of Peripheral Nerves of the Forearm
W. B. Saunders Pub. Co72., Spinner,M., 1972

A 15-year-old Boy with Bilateral Wrist Pain in the Setting of Weight Loss
Neurol 92:486-492, Lau, K.H.V.,et al, 2019

Repetitive Strain Injury
Lancet 369:1815-1822, van Tulder,M.,et al, 2007

The Medial Brachial Fascial Compartment Syndrome Following Axillary Arteriography
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
NEJM 346:1807-1812, Katz,J.N &Simmons,B.P., 2002

Unusual Entrapment Neuropathy in a Golf Player
Neurol 59:646, Hsu,W.,et al, 2002

Entrapment Neuropathy of the Palmar Cutaneous Branch of the Median Nerve Concomitant with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Case Report
J Hand Surg 27B:583-585, Wada,T.,et al, 2002

Surgical Treatment of Common Entrapment Neuropathies in the Upper Limbs
Muscle Nerve 23:1160-1174, Arle,J.E. & Zager,E.L., 2000

Ultrasound Treatment for Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:Randomised"sham"Controlled Trial
BMJ 316:751-755, Ebenbichler,G.R.,et al, 1998

Concurrent Medical Disease in Work-Relatede Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Arch Int Med 158:1506-1512, 14961998., Atcheson,S.G.,et al, 1998

Double-Crush Syndrome:A Critical Analysis
Neurol 49:21-29, Wilbourn,A.J.&Gilliatt,R.W., 1997

Pure Motor Hand Weakness
Semin Neurol 16:75-81, Lewis,R.A., 1996

Acute Anterior Interosseous Neuropathy in Pt with Hereditary Neuropathy with Liability to Press Palsies:Clin & EMG Study
Muscle & Nerve 18:1329-1331995., Felice,K.J., 1995

Low-Dose, Short-Term Oral Prednisone in the Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Neurol 45:1923-1925, Herskovitz,S.,et al, 1995

Pediatric Median Mononeuropathies:A Clinical and Electromyographic Study
Muscle & Nerve 17:755-762994., Deymeer,F.&Jones,H.R., 1994

Entrapment Neuropathies of the Upper Extremities
NEJM 329:2013-2018, Dawson,D.M., 1993

Handcuff Neuropathies
Neurol 41:145-147, Stone,D.A.&Laureno,R., 1991

Mononeuropathy Multiplex Complicating Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Neurol 41:1517-1518, Greenberg,M.K.&Sonoda,T., 1991

Peripheral Nerve Disorders in Instrumentalists
Ann Neurol 26:640-646, Lederman,R.J., 1989

Medical Problems of Musicians
NEJM 320:221-227, 246-2481989., Lockwood,A.H., 1989

Neuromuscular Involvement in Mild, Asymptomatic Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Am J Med 87:553-557, Turken,S.A., 1989

Injuries Caused by Handcuffs
BMJ 297:111-112, Richmond,P.W.,et al, 1988

Motor Entrapment Neuropathies in the Elderly
JNNP 51:311, D'Alessandro,R.,et al, 1988

Reynaud's Phenomenon & Entrapment Neuropathies
Ann Neurol 18:519, Serra,G.,et al, 1985

Neuropathy Associated with Brescia-Cimino Arteriovenous Fistulas
Arch Neurol 41:1184-1186, Knezevic,W.,et al, 1984

Entrapment Neuropathy Caused by Tophaceous Gout
J Hand Surg 9-B:331-332, Akizuki,S.&Matsui,T., 1984

Gouty Neuropathy
Arch Neurol 40:823-824, Delaney,P., 1983

Entrapment Neuropathies of the Median Nerve at & Above the Elbow
Surg Neurol 19:112-116, Gessini,L.,et al, 1983

Hand Difficulties Among Musicians
JAMA 249:1869-1872, Hochberg,F.H.,et al, 1983

Systemic Sporotrichosis Polytenosynovitis With Median & Ulnar Nerve Entrapment
JAMA 243:1841-1842, Atdjian,M.,et al, 1980

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Patients Undergoing Maintenance Hemodialysis
JAMA 242:2868-2869, Jain,V.K.,et al, 1979

The Application of F-wave Measurements in the Differentiation of Proximal & Distal Upper Limb Entrapments
Neurol 27:662, Eisen,A.,et al, 1977

The Entrapment Neuropathies of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Orth Clin of North Am 6:837-861, Nakano,K.K., 1975

Grocery-Bag Neuropathy
NEJM 291:742, Rectra,E.H., 1974

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 1st Manifestation of SLE
JAMA 222:14l6, Sidig,M.,et al, 1972

The Interfascicular Nerve-Grafting of the Median & Ulnar Nerves
J Bone & Joint Surg 54-A:727972., Millesi,H.,et al, 1972

The Intraneural Topography of the Radial, Median, & Ulnar Nerves
in Nerves & Nerve Injuries, Churchill Livingstone, 1972, Chpt. 53, 56, 60., Sunderland,S., 1972

Occupational Nerve Lesions
In Handbook of Clinical Neurology 7:326-343, 1970, Edited by Vinken & Bruyn Chp. 12., Spaans,F., 1970

Common Compression Mononeuropathies
Hosp Med 29, 1969, Dec., Nugent,C.R., 1969

Anterior Interosseous Nerve Palsy
BMJ 2:555, Mills,R.H.B.,et al, 1969

Neurologic Manifestations of Bacterial Endocarditis
Ann Int Med 71:21, Jones,H.,et al, 1969

Surgical Anatomy of the Hand
Clinical Symposia,Ciba 21:66-109, Lampe,E.W., 1969

Anterior Interosseous Neuritis, Report of a Case
J of Bone & Joint Surg 50-B:804968., Sharrard,W.J., 1968

Sponteneous Paralysis of the Anterior Interosseous Nerve
J of Bone & Joint Surg 50-B:806968., Vichare,N.A., 1968

Nine Neuropathies
Med Ann of the Dist of Columbia 37:89, Stevens,H., 1968

Kiloh-Nevin Syndrome:Report of a Case & Review of Literature
Clin Ortho 53:95, Stern,M.B.,et al, 1967

Autogenous Mononeuropathy:Diagnosis, Treatment & Clinical Significance
Med Clx N Am 44:989, Mulder,D.,et al, 1960

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