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acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome dementia complex
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome myelopathy
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, congenital
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, heralded by neurologic invol
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, infants and children
acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
B 12 deficiency
B 12 metabolism, defective
Babinski sign
basilar impression
brachial plexus neuropathy
brain biopsy
brain biopsy, stereotaxic
CAT scan
CAT scan, abnormal
CD4 counts
central nervous system, infection of
cerebral venous thrombosis
cerebrospinal fluid
cerebrospinal fluid, abnormal
cerebrospinal fluid, elevated protein of
cerebrospinal fluid, oligoclonal IgG in
cerebrovascular accident
cerebrovascular accident, recurrent
cerebrovascular disease
concentration, impaired
cranial neuropathy
cranial neuropathy, multiple
cryptococcal meningitis
cytomegalovirus infection
dementia, subcortical
demyelinating disease
diarrhea, bloody
disability rating scale, neurological
electroencephalogram, abnormalities of
encephalitis, focal
encephalitis, human immunodeficiency virus type 1
encephalopathy, metabolic
epidemiology of neurology
facial nerve palsy
facial nerve palsy, recurrent
frontal lobe, pathologic signs of
gait disorder
gait, apraxic
grasp reflex
Guillain Barre syndrome
hearing loss
herpes simplex virus
herpes virus infection
herpes zoster
highly active antiretroviral therapy
human immunodeficiency virus type 1
human immunodeficiency virus type 1, pathogenesis
immunoperoxidase staining
incontinence, fecal
intracerebral hemorrhage
leg weakness, bilateral
leukemia, neurologic findings assoc.with
lymphoma involving CNS
Melkersson's syndrome
memory, impairment of
meningitis, aseptic
meningitis, chronic
mental status, abnormal
microglial nodules
mononeuritis multiplex
mononeuropathy multiplex
MRI, abnormal
MRI, brachial plexus
MRI, CAT scan compared to
MRI, false negative
MRI, spinal cord
MRI, spinal cord, increased intramedullary cord signal
MRI, spine
multinucleated giant cell
multiple sclerosis
muscle weakness
muscle weakness, proximal
myasthenia gravis
myelitis, transverse
myelopathy, chronic progressive
myelopathy, vacuolar
myopathy, vacuolar
myositis, ocular
neoplasm, primary intracerebral
neoplasm, primary of CNS
neurologic complications of, systemic disease
neuropathology, brain
neuropathology, peripheral nerves
neuropathy, peripheral
neuropathy, sensory
opportunistic infection
opportunistic infection, CNS
optic neuritis
osteogenesis imperfecta
pain, abdominal
paraparesis, spastic
perivenular demyelination
personality change
pleocytosis of cerebrospinal fluid
polyneuropathy, chronic inflammatory demyelinating
progressive multifocal leucoencephalopathy
psychiatric problems in neurologic disorders
psychomotor retardation
pyramidal tract
pyramidal tract dysfunction
quality of life
regional enteritis
release phenomena
review article
sedimentation rate, elevated
sensorineural hearing loss
skull fracture
snout reflex
spinal cord
spinal cord, enlargement
spinal cord, lesion of
spinal cord, pathologic exam of
syphilis, diagnosis and treatment
syphilis, neurologic complications with
systemic lupus erythematosus
systemic lupus erythematosus, neurologic complications with
toxoplasmosis, acquired
toxoplasmosis, CNS
transient ischemic attack
treatment of neurologic disorder
ulcerative colitis
urinary incontinence
viral infection
viral infection, CNS
weakness, progressive
weakness, proximal
weight loss
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