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antibodies to voltage-gated calcium channels
autonomic dysfunction
carcinoma of lung
CAT scan, chest
Clinical Pathologic Conference(C.P.C.)
creatine phosphokinase(CPK)elevated
difficulty climbing stairs
electrocardiogram, abnormal
electromyogram, decremental response
electromyogram, incremental response
encephalitis, autoimmune
enzyme, defect
exercise intolerance
exercise-related muscle strength increase
gamma amino butyric acid receptor antibody
genetic neurologic disorders
glycogen storage disease
H-reflex testing
ischemic exercise test
limbic encephalitis
lymphadenopathy, hilar
McArdle's disease
McArdle's disease, adult onset
muscle atrophy, progressive
muscle biopsy
muscle cramp
muscle pain
muscle phosphofructokinase deficiency
muscle phosphorylase deficiency
muscle stiffness
muscle strength, testing
muscle weakness
muscle weakness, proximal
muscle weakness, sudden onset of
myasthenic syndrome
neck weakness
nerve conduction studies
neurologic disease, diagnoses of
neuromuscular disease, electrodiagnosis of
neuromuscular junction, abnormality of
PAS positive
percussion induced muscle contraction
pericardial effusion
phosphorylase b kinase deficiency
remote effect of cancer on the nervous system
renal failure
repetitive nerve stimulation
review article
second wind phenomena
urine, dark
weakness, fatiguable
weakness, generalized
weakness, progressive
weakness, proximal
weight loss
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A 68-Year-Old Man with Proximal Weakness and Seizures
Neurol 97:e423-e428, Chen, T., 2021

A Fisherman Who Could Not Row
Lancet 373:432, Das,A.,et al, 2009

Spontaneous "Second Wind" and Glucose-Induced Second "Second Wind" in McArdle Disease
Arch Neurol 59:1395-1402, Haller,R.G.&Vissing,J., 2002

Clinicopath Conf
Small Cell CA (of lung) with Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndr, Case 32-1994, NEJM 331:528-5354., , 1994

Phosphorylase Deficiency
In Englel & Banker, Myology, McGraw-Hill Book Co, Ch 52, 1585-1601, DiMauro,S.&Bresolin,N., 1986

Clinicopathologic Conference, Delayed Postthypoxic Leukoencephalopathy
NEJM 384:2438-2445, Case 19-2021, 2021

Clinicopathologic Conference, Cerebral Amyloid Angiopatny-Related Inflammation
NEJM 385:358-368, Case 22-2021, 2021

A Rare Presentation of Whipple Disease
Neurol 94:e758-e761, Koek, A.T.,et al, 2020

Clinicopathologic conference, Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration with tau-positive inclusions consistent with Picks disease
NEJM 383:2666-2675, Case 41-2020, 2020

Treatment Effects and Comorbid Diseases in 58 Patients with Visual Snow
Neurol 93:e398-e403, vanDongen, R.M.,et al, 2019

Acute Convexity Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Neurol 93:e524-e525, Theodorou, A.,et al, 2019

A 68-year-old Man with Rapid Cognitive Decline
Neurol 93:315-318, Berth, S.H.,et al, 2019

The Laser Shoes
Neurol 90:e164-e171, Barthel, C.,et al, 2018

Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD): A Common, Characteristic and Treatable Cause of Chronic Dizziness
Pract Neurol 18:5-13, Popkirov, S.,et al, 2018

A 52-year-old woman with a 3 weeks of progressive gait ataxia and dysarthria
Neurol 90:e985-e989, Ly, C.,et al, 2018

Progressive Gait Difficulty and Incontinence in a 40-year-old Man with HIV
Neurol 91:1065-1070, Silverman, A.,et al, 2018

Clinicopathologic Conference, Primary Progressive Aphasia, Semantic Variant, due to TAR DNA Binding Protein 43 associated Frontotemporal Lobar Degen
NEJM 376:158-167, Case 1-2017, 2017

Characteristics in Limbic Encephalitis with Anti-Adenylate Kinase 5 Autoantibodies
Neurol 88:514-524,508, Do, L. & Chanson, E., 2017

Precipitous Deterioration of Motor Function, Cognition, and Behavior
JAMA Neurol 74:591-596, Fernandez-Fournier, M.,et al, 2017

Intractable Epilepsy and Progressive Cognitive Decline in a Young Man
JAMA Neurol 74:737-740, Cohen, A.L.,et al, 2017

NEJM 377:553-561, Charles, A., 2017

MRI of the Swallow Tail Sign: A Useful Marker in the Diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia?
AJNR 38:1737-1741, Shams, S.,et al, 2017

A 55-year-old Man with Rapidly Progressive Dementia and Parkinsonism
Neurol 89:e182-e187, Tabuas-Pereira, M.,et al, 2017

An 82-year-old man with Worsening Gait
Neurol 89:e246-e252, Chew, S.,et al, 2017

Neuropsychiatric Involvement of Behcets Disease Dec, Soyak, M., 2017

A 76-Year-Old Man with Acute-Onset Left-Sided Weakness and Numbness
Neurol 86:e156-e160, Renthal, W.,et al, 2016

Distinguishing Neuroimaging Features in Patients Presenting with Visual Hallucinations
AJNR 37:774-781, Winton-Brown, T.T.,et al, 2016

A Young Man with Progressive Language Difficulty and Early-Onset Dementia
JAMA Neurol 73:595-599, Botha, H.,et al, 2016

Kleine-Levin Syndrome in 120 Patients: Differential Diagnosis and Long Episodes
Ann Neurol 77:529-540, Lavault, S.,et al, 2015

Clinicopathologic Conference, Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration with Tau-positive Inclusions (Picks Disease Subtype) Due to a Gly389Arg MAPT Mutation, Resulting in the Behavioral Variant of Frontotemporal Dementia with Parkinsonism
NEJM 372:1151-1162, Miller, B.L.,et al, 2015

A 27-Year Old Man with Rapidly Progressive Coma
Neurol 85:e74-e78, Wong,J.M.,et al, 2015

A 73-year-old Man with Diplopia and Ataxia
Neurol 85:e96-e100, Gupta, H.V.,et al, 2015

Non-Alzheimers Dementia 1 Frontotemporal Dementia
Lancet 386:1672-1682, Bang, Jee.,et al, 2015

Non-Alzheimers Dementia 2 Lewy Body Dementias
Lancet 386:1683-1697, Walker, Z.,et al, 2015

The Acquired Metabolic Disorders of the Nervous System, Hepatic Stupor and Coma (Hepatic, or Portal-Systemic Encephalopathy)
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology Chp 40, pg 1142, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Disorders of the Nervous System Caused by Drugs, Toxins and Chemical Agents, Mescaline, LSD, and Psilocybin
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology Chp 43. pg 1215, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Disturbances of Cerebrospinal Fluid, Including Hydrocephalus, Pseudotumor Cerebri, and Low-Pressure Syndromes, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 30, pg 624, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Degenerative Diseases of the Nervous System, Behavioral Variant FTLD
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 39, pg 1074, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Degenerative Diseases of the Nervous System, Parkinson Disease
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 39, pg 1082, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Neuropsychiatric Changes Precede Classic Motor Symptoms in ALS and Do Not Affect Survival
Neurol 82:149-155, Mioshi, E.,et al, 2014

Long-Term Safety and Tolerability of ProSavin, a Lentiviral Vector-Based Gene Therapy for Parkinsons Disease: A Dose Escalation, Open-Label, Phase 1/2 Trial
Lancet 383:1138-1146,1107, Palfi, S.,et al, 2014

A 24-year-old Woman with Progressive Headache and Somnolence
Neurol 82:e188-e193, Bhattacharyya, S.,et al, 2014

Epileptic Kinetopsia Localizes to Superior Parietal Lobule and Intraparietal Sulcus
Neurol 83:768-770, Perumal, M.B.,et al, 2014

Sustained Downgaze as the only remained sign after regaining consciousness in hepatic encephalopathy
Neurol Asia 19:105-106, Park, D.G.,et al, 2014

Parkin Disease
JAMA Neurol 70:571-579, Doherty, K.,et al, 2013

Frontotemporal Dementia
BMJ 347:f4827, Warren, J.D.,et al, 2013

Spectrum of Transient Visual Symptoms in a Transient Ischemic Attack Cohort
Stroke 44:3312-3317, Lavallee, P.C.,et al, 2013

Positive Persistent Visual Symptoms (Visual Snow) Presenting as a Migraine Variant in a 12-Year-Old Girl
Pediatr Neurol 49:361-363, Simpson, J.C.,et al, 2013

Deep-Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons Disease
NEJM 367:1529-1538, Okon, M.S., 2012

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