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Comparison of Extrapyramidal Features in 31 Path Cases of Diffuse Lewy Body Disease & 34 Cases of Parkinson's
Neurol 48:376-380, Louis,E.D.,et al, 1997
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Article Abstract
Those with DLBD had an older mean age of onset(67.9 years)than PD(62.0 years).Rest tremor was more common in PD(85.0%)than DLBD(55%).Myoclonus was more common in DLBD(18.5%)than PD(0%).There were no differences in rigidity,bradykinesia,dystonia,or gaze palsies.Clinical response to levodopa may have been more common in PD(100%)than DLBD(70%).The occurrence of any one of the four clinical features(myoclonus,absence of rest tremor,no response to levodopa or no perceived need to treat with levodopa)was 10 times more likely in DLBD than PD(odds ratio=10.29,95% confidence interval=2.58-41.11).We demonstrated that several clinical features distinguish DLBD from PD.These features,in combination with reported differences in cognitive and psychiatric manifestations,may be used for diagnostic purposes in distinguishing DLBD from PD in prospective longitudinal cohort studies of DLBD.
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