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Brain Metal Concentrations in Chronic Liver Failure Patients With Pallidal T1 MRI Hyperintensity
Neurol 67:1984-1989, Klos,K.J.,et al, 2006
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Article Abstract
In chronic liver failure, manganese accumulation is responsible for the pallidal MRI T1 hyperintensity. Pallidal copper was also elevated in affected cases, but copper does not have the paramagnetic properties to generate isolated T1 hyperintensity. Basal ganglia manganese or copper accumulation may be responsible for the parkinsonism sometimes seen in chronic liver failure. Pallidal MRI T1 hyperintensity is a biomarker of manganese overload.
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basal ganglia,lesion of
globus pallidus
globus pallidus,lesion of
globus pallidus,lesion of,bilateral
hepatic failure
liver disease
manganese intoxication
MRI,high signal foci on
MRI,high signal intensity of basal ganglia
MRI,T1 weighted high signal foci
Parkinsonism syndrome

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