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Basal Ganglia Involvement in Wernicke Encephalopathy: Report of 2 Cases
AJNR 32:E129-E131, Zuccoli, G.,et al, 2011
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Article Abstract
We present the neuroimaging and clinical findings in 2 nonalcoholic adult patients with WE as assessed by MR imaging. The first patient present with gait ataxia and changes in consciousness. MR imaging disclosed bilateral lesions in the dorsal striatum and cerebellum. None of the regions typically affected in WE were involved. The second patient showed symmetric lesions in the posterior putamen associated with the alterations frequently and infrequently found WE.
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ataxic gait
basal ganglia,lesion of
basal ganglia,lesion,bilateral
brainstem,lesion of
cerebellar lesion
deep gray nuclei
gray matter
level of consciousness,decreased
mammillary bodies
midbrain,lesion of
nutritional deficiency
periaqueductal lesion
putamen,lesion of
putamen,lesion of,bilateral
striatum,lesion of
striatum,lesion of,bilateral
symmetric brain lesions
third ventricle,wall
Wernicke's encephalopathy
white matter disease,periventricular

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