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Intracranial Hemorrhage Associated with Cocaine Abuse:A Prospective Autopsy Study
Neurol 46:1291-1296, Nolte,K.B.,et al, 1996
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Article Abstract
Ten of 17(59%)of all non-traumatic intracranial hemorrhages were associated with a positive toxicology for cocaine.Seven(70%)of these were parenchymal hemorrhages,and the remaining three(30%)were subarachnoid hemorrhages(ruptured berry aneurysms).No vasculitis or other vasculopathy was identified.Conclusions:These findings implicate cocaine use as a significant risk factor for fatal brain hemorrhage and may explain,in part,the increased incidence of hemorrhagic stroke in some drug-using cohorts.The lack of specific patohlogic findings suggests that cocaine- associated intracranial hemorrhages are a consequence of the pharmacodynamic effect of cocaine and not a cocaine-induced vasculopathy.
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