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Saphenous Nerve Entrapment in Adolescence
Pediatrics 103:161-163, Nir-Paz,R., 1999
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Article Abstract
The usual presentation is with unilateral knee pain radiating to the foot and the medial aspect of the leg. The etiology of the syndrome is divided into three major groups; iatrogenic, sports injury, and idiopathic, and there is an apparent increased tendency in women. The diagnosis is often delayed because of the rarity of the syndrome and is based upon the clinical presentation. Missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, including unnecessary investigation and procedures and even surgery are a real danger. Optimal treatment is unknown. Chronic leg and abdominal pain are a common and frustrating problem in pediatrics. We report here the atypical presentation and management of 4 pediatric cases of saphenous nerve entrapment in 2 girls aged 15 and 11 years and in two 10 year old boys.
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