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Clinical and Neuroimaging Findings of Cree Leukodystrophy: A Retrospective Case Series
AJNR 31: 1418-1423, Harder,S.,et al, 2010
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Article Abstract
Neuroimaging in CLD is striking and is an important tool in diagnosing CLD. Extensive white matter involvement as well as involvement of the globus pallidus and patchy involvement of the thalami and substantia nigra are characteristic. MRS findings are compatible with destruction of normal brain parenchyma with evidence of anaerobic metabolism in the regions of demyelination. Clinical suspicion of VWM in a Native American infant from this region should prompt the consideration of CLD with appropriate imaging work-up and genetic testing.
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basal ganglia,lesion of
CAT scan,abnormal
Cree leukoencephalopathy
genetic testing
globus pallidus,lesion of
globus pallidus,lesion of,bilateral
MRI,CAT scan compared to
MRI,diffusion weighted
Native Americans
substantia nigra
symmetric brain lesions
thalamus,lesion of
thalamus,lesion of-bilateral
white matter disease

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