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Clinical Indicators of Intracranial Injury in Head-Injured Infants
Pediatrics 104:861-867, Greenes,D.S.&Schutzman,S.A., 1999
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Article Abstract
Of the 14 asymptomatic subjects with ICI, 13 (93 %) had significant scalp hematoma. Among subjects who had head computed tomography, significant scalp hematoma had an odds ratio of 2.78 (95% confidence interval: 1.15, 6.70) for association with ICI. A total of 265 subject (43%) were asymptomatic and had no significant scalp hematoma. None (95% confidence interval: 0, 1.2%) required specific therapy or had any subsequent clinical deterioration. Clinical signs of brain injury are insensit ive indicators of ICI in infants. A substantial fraction of infants with ICI will be detected through radiographic imaging of otherwise asymptomatic infants with significant scalp hematomas. Asymptomatic infants older than 3 months of age who have no si gnificant scalp hematoma may be safely managed without radiographic imaging.
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