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MR Imaging Presentation of Intracranial Disease Associated with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
AJNR 25:880-891, Prayer, D.,et al, 2004
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Article Abstract
In LCH, cranial and intercranial changes at MR imaging include 1) lesions of the craniofacial bone and skull base with or without soft-tissue extension; 2) intracranial, extra-axial changes (hypothalamic-pituitary region, meninges, circumventricular organs); 3) intracranial, intra-axial changes (white matter and gray matter); and 4) cerebral atrophy.
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basal ganglia,lesion of
brain atrophy
brainstem,lesion of
cerebellar lesion
choroid plexus,abnormality of
dentate nuclei,lesion of
diabetes insipidus
Hand-Schuller-Christian disease
heralding manifestation
hypothalamus,lesion of
mastoid opacification
meningeal enhancement
MRI,contrast enhanced
MRI,mass effect on
MRI,skull bone changes
pituitary stalk
pituitary,lesion of
pons,lesion of
sinuses,diseases of
skull bone,erosion
symmetric brain lesions
treatment of neurologic disorder
Virchow-Robin spaces,dilated

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