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A 48-Year-Old Woman Presenting with Vertigo, Ptosis, and Red Eyes
Neurol 98:678-683, Kim, K.T.,et al, 2022

A 29-Year-Old Man with Fevers and Rapidly Progressive Cranial Neuropathies
Neurol 97:95-98, Dessy, A.,et al, 2021

Progressive Ataxia and Doenbeat Nystagmus in an Adult
JAMA Neurol 78:1018-10019, Fernandez, A.C.,et al, 2021

Toxic Diffuse Isolated Cerebellar Edema from Over-the-Counter Health Supplements
Neurol 92:965-966, Kim, D.D.,et al, 2019

Neuro-Ophthalmologic Manifestations of Paraneoplastic Syndromes
J Neuro-Ophthalmol 28:58-68, Ko,M.W.,et al, 2008

Primary Episodic Ataxias:Diagnosis, Pathogenesis and Treatment
Brain 130:2484-2493, Jen, J.C.,et al, 2007

Autoantibodies to Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase in Downbeat Nystagmus
JNNP 74:998-999, Antonini,G.,et al, 2003

Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneeration with Anti-Yo Antibody in a Man
Neurol 45:1226-1227, Felician,O.,et al, 1995

Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degener II, Clin & Immunologic Find in 21 Pts with Hodgkin's Disease
Neurol 42:1938-1943, Hammack,J.,et al, 1992

Acetazolamide-Responsive Vestibulocerebellar Syndrome:Clinical & Oculographic Features
Neurol 41:429-433, Baloh,R.W.&Winder,A., 1991

Clinicopath Conf
Subacute Cerebellar Degeneration, Cystadenocarcinoma of Ovary, (with Paraneoplastic Syndrome) , Case, 34-1EJM 321:524-535,1989., 1989

Positional Vertigo & the Cerebellar Vermis
Neurol 34:527-529, Kattah,J.C.,et al, 1984

Alcoholic Downbeat Nystagmus
Ann Ophthalmol 1127-1131, October 1980., Costin,J.A.,et al, 1980

Familial Periodic Ataxia
Arch Neurol 36:568-569, Donat,J.R.,et al, 1979

Showing articles 0 to 14 of 14