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Thalamic Deep Brain Stimulation for Tremor in Parkinson Disease, Essential Tremor, and Dystonia
Neurol 89:1416-1423, Cury, R.G.,et al, 2017

Cystic Lesions as a Rare Complication of Deep Brain Stimulation
Mov Disord Clin Pract 3:87-90, Sharma, V.D.,et al, 2016

JAMA 311:948-954, Elias, W.J. & Shah, B.B., 2014

Deep-Brain Stimulation - Entering the Era of Human Neural-Network Modulation
NEJM 371:1369-1373, Okun, M.S., 2014

Deep Brain Stimulation
JAMA 305:732, Pluta,R.,et al, 2011

Deep Brain Stimulation
Neurologist 13:237-252, Kem,DS. &Kumar,R., 2007

Common Misdiagnosis of a Common Neurological Disorder: How Are We Misdiagnosing Essential Tremor?
Arch Neurol 63:1100-1104, Jain,S.,et al, 2006

Long-Term Follow-Up of Thalamic Deep Brain Stimulation for Essential and Parkinsonian Tremor
Neurol 61:1601-1604, Kumar,R.,et al, 2003

Therapies for Movement Disorders
Arch Neurol 59:699-702, Goetz,C.G &Hinson,V.K., 2002

Thalamic Deep Brain Stimulation
Arch Neurol 58:218-222, Ondo,W.,et al, 2001

A Comparison of Continuous Thalamic Stimulation and Thalamotomy for Suppression of Severe Tremor
NEJM 342:461-468,505, Schuurman,P.R.,et al, 2000

Multicentre European Study of Thalamic Stimulation in Paarkinsonisn and Essential Tremor
JNNP 66:289-296, Limousin,P.,et al, 1999

Stereotactic Radiosurgical Pallidotomy and Thalamotomy with the Gamma Knife:MR Imaging Findings with Clinical Correlation-Preliminary Experience
Radiology 212:143-150, Friedman,D.P.,et al, 1999

Unilateral Thalamic Deep Brain Stimulation for Refractory Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease Tremor
Neurol 51:1063-1069, Ondo,W.,et al, 1998

High-Frequency Unilateral Thalamic Stimulation in the Treatment of Essential and Parkinsonian Tremor
Ann Neurol 42:292-299, Koller,W.,et al, 1997

Parkinsonism-Recognition and Differential Diagnosis
BMJ 310:447-452, Quinn,N., 1995

The Relationship of Essential Tremor to Other Movement Disorders:Report on 678 Patients
Ann Neurol 35, 717-7231994., Koller,W.C.,et al, 1994

Olfactory Function in Essential Tremor
Neurol 42:1631-1632, Busenbark,K.L.,et al, 1992

Essential Tremor:Clinical Correlates in 350 Patients
Neurol 41:234-238, Lou,J.&Jankovic,J., 1991

Long-Term Suppression of Tremor by Chronic Stimulation of the Ventral Intermediate Thalamic Nucleus
Lancet 337:403-406, Benabid,A.L.,et al, 1991

Lack of Association Between Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease
Ann Neurol 24:23-26, Cleeves,L.,et al, 1988

Caffeine & Tremor
Neurol 37:169-172, Koller,W.,et al, 1987

The Aetiology of Mirror Writing:A New Hypothesis
JNNP 50:1572-1578, Tashiro,K.,et al, 1987

Association Between Essential Tremor & Parkinson's Disease
Ann Neurol 17:329-333, Gereghty,J.J.,et al, 1985

Involvement of Upper-Airway Muscles in Extrapyramidal Disorders
NEJM 311:438-442, Vincken,W.G.,et al, 1984

Diagnosis & Treatment, Physiologic & Pathologic Tremors
Ann Int Med 93:460-465, Jankovic,J.,et al, 1980

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Associated With"Essential Tremor"
Neurol Sciences 28:17-40, Salisachs,P.J., 1976

Clinical Diagnosis of the Dyskinesias
Med Clin of North Am 56:1321, Duvoisin,R., 1972

Showing articles 0 to 28 of 28