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Vascular Malformations of the Central Nervous System
www.UptoDate.Com, March, Singer,R.J.,et al, 2024

A Young Adult Man with Cognitive Changes, Gait Difficulty, and Renal Insufficiency
Neurol 100:206-212, Stamm,B.,et al, 2023

Genetic Causes of Cerebral Small Vessel Diseases, A Parctical Guide for Neurologists
Neurol 100:766-783, Manini,A.,&Pantoni,L., 2023

Neurologic Complications of Babesiosis, United States, 2011-2021
Emerg Inf Dis 29:1127-1135, Locke,S.,et al, 2023

Functional Neurological Disorders
Neurologist 27:276-289, Mishra, A. & Pandey, S., 2022

Vitamin B6 Deficiency Presenting with New-Onset Epilepsy and Status Epilepticus in a Patient with Parkinson Disease
Neurol 94:e2605-e2607, Modica, J.S.,et al, 2020

Clinicopathologic conference, Vitamin D deficiency
NEJM 383:2462-2470, Case 39-2020, 2020

Hand Posture as Localizing Sign in Adult Focal Epileptic Seizures
Ann Neurol 86:793-800, Ferando, I.,et al, 2019

Progressive cognitive decline, cerebellar ataxia, recurrent myoclonus, and epilepsy
Neurol 90:e1827-e1831, Xiao, F.,et al, 2018

Clnicopathologic Conference Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) Receptor Encephalitis
NEJM 379:870-878, CASE 27-2018, 2018

Cerebral Atrophy and Leukoencephalopathy in a Young Man Presenting with Encephalitic Episodes
JAMA Neurol 75:1563-1564, Xiao, F.,et al, 2018

FARS2 dificiency; new cases, review of clinical, biochemical, and molecular spectra, and variants interpretation based on structural, functional, and evolutionary significance
Mol Genet Metab 125:281-291, Almannai, M.,et al, 2018

Cerebellar Ataxia and Hearing Impairment
JAMA Neurol 74:243-244, Lin, C.Y. & Kuo, S.H., 2017

Clinicopathologic Conference, MELAS (mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke like episodes)
NEJM 376:1668-1678, CASE 13-2017, 2017

CNS Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder
Neurol 89:e32-e37, Kesari, N.K.,et al, 2017

A Case of Ataxia, Seizure, and Choreoathetosis in a 34-year-old Woman
Neurol 89:e220-e223, Xiao, F. & Wang, X.F., 2017

Clinicopathologic Conference, Biotinthiamine-Responsive Basal Ganglia Disease Due to Mutation SLC19A3
NEJM 377:2376-2385, Case 38-2017, 2017

Huntington Disease: Clinical Features and Diagnosis
UptoDate Dec 2017, Oksana Suchowersky, 2017

Distinguishing Neuroimaging Features in Patients Presenting with Visual Hallucinations
AJNR 37:774-781, Winton-Brown, T.T.,et al, 2016

A Woman with Intellectual Disability, Amenorrhoea, Seizures, and Balance Problems
JAMA Neurol 73:1494-1495, Hughes, A.J.C.,et al, 2016

A 27-Year Old Man with Rapidly Progressive Coma
Neurol 85:e74-e78, Wong,J.M.,et al, 2015

Neuroimaging and Clinical Features in Type II (late-onset) Alexander Disease
Neurol 82:49-56, Graff-Radford, J.,et al, 2014

A Case of Early-Onset Rapidly Progressive Dementia
JAMA Neurol 71:1445-1449, Cachia, D.,et al, 2014

The Acquired Metabolic Disorders of the Nervous System, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology Chp 40, pg 1138, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Viral Infections of the Nervous System, Chronic Meningitis, and Prior Diseases, Progressive Rubella Panencephalitis
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 33, pg 766, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

Progressive Gait Deterioration in Adolescents with Dravet Syndrome
Arch Neurol 69:873-878, Rodda, J.M.,et al, 2012

Clinicopathologic Conference, Kufs Disease (Autosomal Dominant) Parry Type Neuronal Ceroid Lypofuscinosis
NEJM 364:1062-1074, Case 8-2011, 2011

Late onset autism and anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis
Lancet 378:98;378, Creten, C.,et al, 2011

Clinicopath Conf, Neuro-Behcets Disease
NEJM 360:2341-2351, Case 17-2009, 2009

Long-Term Outcomes Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Central Nervous System Malignancies in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study
J Natl Cancer Inst 101:946-958, Armstrong,G.T.,et al, 2009

A 23-Year-Old Man With Seizures and Visual Deficit
Neurol 70:73-78, Boustany,R.-M.,et al, 2008

Sexual Function in Men and Women With Neurological Disorders
Lancet 369:512-525, Rees,P.M.,et al, 2007

Quetiapine for Agitation or Psychosis in Patients with Dementia and Parkinsonism
Neurol 68:1356-1363, Kurlan,R.,et al, 2007

Age and High-Dose Methotrexate are Associated to Clinical Acute Encephalopathy in FRALLE 93 Trial for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children
Leukemia 21:238-247, Dufourg, M.N.,et al, 2007

Primary Episodic Ataxias:Diagnosis, Pathogenesis and Treatment
Brain 130:2484-2493, Jen, J.C.,et al, 2007

Phenotypic Spectrum Associated with Mutations of the Mitochondrial Polymerase y Gene
Brain 129:1674-1684, Horvath, R.,et al, 2006

Mitochondrial DNA Polymerase-y and Human Disease
Hum Mol Genet 15:R244-R252, Hudson, G.,et al, 2006

Reversible Corpus Callosum Lesion in Legionnaires Disease
JNNP 75:651-654, Morgan, J.C.,et al, 2004

Clinicopath Conf, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Late-Onset Infantile Subtype
NEJM 347:672-680, Case 27-2002, 2002

Epilepsy, Broken Bones, and Fatty Stools
Lancet 355:1882, Drenth,J.P.H.,et al, 2000

Niemann-Pick Disease Type C: Two Cases and an Update
Movement Disorders 15:1199-1203, Uc,E.Y.,et al, 2000

Recent Advances, Neurology
BMJ 319:362-366, Larner,A.J.&Farmer,S.F., 1999

Practice Styles of US Compared to UK Neurologists
Neurol 50:1661-1668, Vickrey,B.G.,et al, 1998

Prader-Willi and Angelman Syndromes
Medicine 77:140-151, Cassidy,S.B.&Schwartz,S., 1998

The Phenotypic Spectrum of CADASIL:Clinical Findings in 102 Cases,
Ann Neurol 44:731-739,715, Dichgans,M.,et al, 1998

Clinicopath Conf,Syndrome of Mitochondrial Encephalopathy,Lactic Acidosis,and Stroke-Like Episodes (MELAS),Case 39-1998
NEJM 339:1914-1923, , 1998

Subcotical Arteriosclerotic Encephalopathy (Binswangers Disease)
, Ghika,J. &Bogousslavsky, J., 1998

Surgery for Parkinson's Disease
JNNP 62:2-8, Obeso,J.A.,et al, 1997

Clinicopath Conf
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, Case 26, 1997, NEJM 337:549-55697., , 1997

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