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Clinical Case Conference: A 41-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Weakness and Sensory Loss
Ann Neurol 75:9-19, Stephen, C.D.,et al, 2014

Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of "Virtual House Calls" for Parkinson Disease
JAMA Neurol 70:565-570, Dorsey, E.R.,et al, 2013

Huntingtons Disease
BMJ 341:34-40, Novak,M.J. &Tabrizi,S.J., 2010

What Are the Prospects of Stem Cell Therapy for Neurology?
BMJ 337:1325-1327, Chandran,S., 2008

Diagnosis and Initial Management of Parkinsons Disease
NEJM 353:1021-1027, Nutt,J.G.&Wooten,G.F., 2005

Showing articles 0 to 5 of 5