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Clinicopathologic conference, Vitamin D deficiency
NEJM 383:2462-2470, Case 39-2020, 2020

Progressive Neurological Impairment and an Enhancing Brainstem Lesion in a Middle-Aged Man
JAMA Neurol 76:1397-1398, Gupta, S.,et al, 2019

A 52-year-old Man with Diplopia and Ataxia
Neurol 87:e140-e143, Bradshaw, M.J.,et al, 2016

Clinicopath Conf, The POEMS Syndrome, with Demyelinating Neuropathy and Solitary Pharmacytoma of Bone
NEJM 362:929-940, Case 7-2010, 2010

Clinicopath Conf., Endheim-Chester Disease
NEJM 359:736-747, Case 25-2008, 2008

Cerebral Manifestation of Erdheim-Chester Disease:Clinical and Radiologic Findings
Neurol 49:1702-1705, Bohlega,S.,et al, 1997

Erdheim-Chester Disease and Slowly Progressive Cerebellar Dysfunction
JNNP 58:238-240, Fukazawa,T.,et al, 1995

Showing articles 0 to 7 of 7