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Clinicopathologic Conference, Functional Vitamin B12 Deficiency from Use of Nitrous Oxide
NEJM 388:1893-1900, Case 15-2023, 2023

Clinicopathologic Conference, Disseminated Mycobacterium Bovis Infection
NEJM 384:651-662, Case 5-2021, 2021

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
BMJ 368:L7012, Fox, H.,et al, 2020

A 54-year-old man with Dyspnea and Muscle Weakness
Neurol 92:e1136-e1140, Chertcoff, A.,et al, 2019

Clinicopathologic Conference, Statin-Associated Autoimmune Myopathy
NEJM 381:275-283, Case 22-2019, 2019

Progressive Proximal Weakness in a 56-year-old Man with Bone Pain
Neurol 93:939-944, Torabi,T.,et al, 2019

Clinical Reasoning: A 49-year-old man with Progressive Numbness, Weakness, and Evidence of Leptomeningeal Enhancement
Neurol 90:e90-e93, Lovett, A.,et al, 2018

Clinical Reasoning: Siblings with Progressive Weakness, Hypotonia, Nystagmus, and Hearing Loss
Neurol 90:e625-e631, Set, K.K.,et al, 2018

Progressive Weakness and Memory Impairment in a Middle-aged Man
JAMA 320:197-198, DeFilippis, E.M.,et al, 2018

A Curable Myopathy Manifesting as Exercixe Intolerance and Respirtory Failure
Neurol 91:187-190, Silva,A.M.S.,et al, 2018

Cerebral Atrophy and Leukoencephalopathy in a Young Man Presenting with Encephalitic Episodes
JAMA Neurol 75:1563-1564, Xiao, F.,et al, 2018

Chronic and Slowly Progressive Weakness of the Legs and Hands
BMJ 348:g459, Nightingale, H.,et al, 2014

Clinical Case Conference: A 41-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Weakness and Sensory Loss
Ann Neurol 75:9-19, Stephen, C.D.,et al, 2014

Motor Neurone Disease
BMJ 349:g4052, Nageshwaran, S.,et al, 2014

Degenerative Diseases of the Nervous System, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Chp 39, pg 1109, Ropper, A.H.,et al, 2014

The Limbic-Girdle Muscular Dystrophies
Neuro Clin 32:729-749, Wicklund, M.P. and Kissel, J.T., 2014

Solitary Sclerosis
Neurol 78:540-544, Schmalstieg,W.F.,et al, 2012

Clinicopathologic Conference,Necrotizing Noninflammatory Myopathy Consistent with Exposure to Statins
NEJM 36:944-954, Case 7-2012, 2012

Clinical Reasoning: A Middle-Aged Woman with Progressive Symmetric Weakness and a CSF Pleocytosis
Neurol 78:e88-e92, Marks,D.,et al, 2012

Bilateral Foot Drop in Polyarteritis Nodosa
NEJM 367:e9, Souza Neves, F. & Lin, K., 2012

A 41-Year-Old Woman with Progressive Leg Weakness and Numbness, Dizziness, and Myalgia
Neurol 72:1262-1276, DiMauro,S.,et al, 2009

A 16-Year-Old Girl With Progressive Weakness of the Left Leg
Neurol 69:84-90, Hahn,A.F.,et al, 2007

Clinicopath Conf., Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
NEJM 348:735-743, Case 6-2003, 2003

Clinicopath Conf
Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, Case 13-1998, NEJM 338:1212-1219998., , 1998

Bent Spine Syndrome
JNNP 60:51-54, Serratrice,G.,et al, 1996

Neurologic Aspects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Neurol 45:416-421, Lossos,A.,et al, 1995

Amyloidosis Causing A Progressive Myopathy
Muscle & Nerve 18:1016-1018995., Nadkarni,N.,et al, 1995

Clinicopath Conf
Acquired Demyelinating Neuropathy, ? CIDP, ? Motor Neuropathy with Multifocal Conduction Blocks, Cas, 41-1EJM 329:1182-1190,1993., 1993

Clinicopath Conf
Emery-Dreifus Muscular Dystrophy, NEJM 327:548-5571992., , 1992

Clinicopath Conf
Familial Visceral Myopathy (Oculogastrointestinal Muscular Dystrophy) , Case 12-1990, NEJM 322:829-8, 1, 19, 1990

Clinicopath Conf
Hodgkin's Disease and Guillain Barre Syndrome, Case Record 39-1990, NEJM 323:895-908990., , 1990

Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy, in Myology, Basic & Clinical
McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY, p1251986., Munsat,T.L., 1986

Showing articles 0 to 32 of 32