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Clinicopathologic Conference, Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
NEJM 385:1317-1325, Case 30-2021, 2021

Vessel Wall MR Imaging for the Detection of Intracranial Inflammatory Vasculopathies
Cardiovasc Diagn Ther 10:1108-1119, Edjlali,M.,et al, 2020

Fibromuscular Dysplasia and Its Neurologic Manifestations
JAMA Neurol 76:217-226, Touze, E.,et al, 2019

Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriciton Syndrome, June, Singhal, A., 2019

"Phacing" a New Cause of Carotid Artery Dissection
Neurologist 22:54-56, Kulyk, C.,et al, 2017

Childhood Posterior Circulation Arterial Ischemic Stroke
Stroke 41:2201-2209, Mackay,M.T.,et al, 2010

Athletics, Minor Trauma, and Pediatric Arterial Ischemic Stroke
Eur J Pediatr 169:557-562, Sepelyak, K.,et al, 2010

Triple and Quadruple Spontaneous Cervical Artery Dissection: Presenting Characteristics and Long-Term Outcome
JNNP 80:171-174,130, Arnold,M.,et al, 2009

Analysis of 1008 Consecutive Patients Aged 15 to 49 with First-Ever Ischemic Stroke: The Helsinki Young Stroke Registry
Stroke 40:1195-1203, Putaala,J.,et al, 2009

Management of Stroke in Infants and Children: A Scientific Statement From a Special Writing Group of the American Heart Association Stroke Council and the Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young
Stroke 39:2644-2691, Roach,E.S.,et al., 2008

Sports-Related Internal Carotid Artery Dissection: Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Point of View
The Neurologist 14:307-311, Dharmasaroja,P. &Dharmasaroja,P., 2008

Intravenous Alteplase for Stroke: Beyond the Guidelines and in Particular Clinical Situations
Stroke 38:2612-2618, De Keyser,J.,et al, 2007

Thrunderclap Headache--And a Tender Neck
Lancet 370:1974, Price,L.,et al, 2007

The Clinical and Radiological Spectrum of Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome. A Prospective Series of 67 Patients
Brain 130:3091-3101, Ducros, A.,et al, 2007

Isolated Posterior Cerebral Artery Dissection: Report of Three Cases
AJNR 27:648-652, Sherman,P.,et al, 2006

Spontaneous Bilateral Internal Carotid Artery Dissection with Acute Stroke in Young Patients
Eur Neurol 56:230-234, Wu,H.-C.,et al, 2006

Carotid Artery Dissection After Treadmill Running
Br J Sports Med 50:e10-311, Macdonald,D.J.M. &McKillop,E.C.A., 2006

Early Posttraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Due to Dissecting Aneurysms in Three Children
Neurol 65:1663-1665, Kneyber,M.C.J.,et al, 2005

A ripping roller coaster ride
Neurol 61:1255, Blacker, D.J. & Wijdicks, E.F.M., 2003

Spontaneous Intracranial Internal Carotid Artery Dissection
Arch Neurol 59:977-981, Chaves,C.,et al, 2002

Posterior Circulation Stroke in Childhood
Neurol 59:1552-1556, Ganesan,V.,et al, 2002

Stroke in a Healthy 46-Year-Old Man
JAMA 285:2757-2762, Wityk,R.J., 2001

Arterial Dissection and Stroke in Children
Neurol 57:1155-1160, Fullerton,H.J.,et al, 2001

Vertebral Artery Dissection Due to Indirect Neck Trauma: An Underrecognised Entity
Neurol India 49:384-390, Prabhakar,S.,et al, 2001

Amusement park stroke
Neurol 55:564, Burneo, J.G.,et al, 2000

A Strangled Wife
Lancet 353:1324, Malek,A.M.,et al, 1999

An Uncommon Cause of Stroke in Young Adults
Arch Neurol 56:1018-1020, vanPutten,M.J.A.M.,et al, 1999

Cerebral Infarction in Young Adults
Neurol 50:890-894, Kittner,S.J.,et al, 1998

Heritable Connective Tissue Disorders in Cervical Artery Dissections:A Prospective Study
Neurol 50:1166-1169, Schievink,W.I.,et al, 1998

Carotid Dissection Causing Stroke in a Child with Migraine
BMJ 314:291-292, Ganesan,V.&Kirkham,F.J., 1997

Fibromuscular Dysplasia with Dissection of Basilar Artery Presenting as"Locked-In-Syndrome"
Neurol 48:1605-1608, Arunodaya,G.R.,et al, 1997

Causes and Mechanisms of Cerebellar Infarction in Young Patients
Stroke 28:2400-2404, Barinagarrementeria,F.,et al, 1997

Internal Carotid Artery Dissection:MR Imaging Features and Clinical-Radiologic Correlation
Radiology 199:191-198, Ozdoba,C.,et al, 1996

Stroke Due to Recurrent Ipsilateral Carotid Artery Dissection in a Young Adult
Stroke 26:480-483, Goldstein,L.B.,et al, 1995

Ischemic Stroke in Young Adults
Arch Neurol 52:491-495, Adams,H.P.,et al, 1995

Neurologic Complications Following Chiropractic Manipulation:A Survey of California Neurologists
Neurol 45:1213-1215, Lee,K.P.,et al, 1995

Middle Cerebral Artery Dissection:A Clinicopathologic Study
Neurol 45:1929-1931, Sharif,A.A.,et al, 1995

Dissection of the Internal Carotid Artery After Chiropractic Manipulation of the Neck
Neurol 45:2284-2286, Peters,M.,et al, 1995

Cerebrovascular Complications in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type IV
Ann Neurol 38:960-964, North,K.N.,et al, 1995

Roller-coaster-induced vertebral artery dissection
Lancet 346:767, Biousse, V.,et al, 1995

Fibromuscular Dysplasia of Arteries of the Head & Neck:Imaging Findings
AJR 164:1205-1209, Furie,D.M.&Tien,R.D., 1994

Spontaneous Dissections of Cervicocephalic Arteries in Childhood and Adolescence
Neurol 44:1607-1612, Schievink,W.I.,et al, 1994

Cerebral Infarction in Young People, A Study of 148 Patients with Early Cerebral Angiography
JNNP 54:576-579, Lisovoski,F.&Rousseaux,P., 1991

Stroke from Other Etiologies Masquerading as Migraine-Stroke
Stroke 22:1068-1074, Shuaib,A., 1991

Ultrasound Findings in Spontaneous Carotid Artery Dissection, The Value of Duplex Sonography
Arch Neurol 48:1057-1063, Sturzenegger,M., 1991

Dissection of the Extracranial Vertebral Artery:Report of Four Cases and Review of the Literature
JNNP 54:863-869, Hinse,P.,et al, 1991

Dissection of the Cervical Internal Carotid Artery. The Role of Doppler/Duplex Studies & Conservative Management
JNNP 53:379-383, Eljamel,M.S.M.,et al, 1990

Dissection of the Intracranial Vertebral Artery
Neurol 38:868-877, Caplan,L.R.,et al, 1988

Vertebral Artery Dissection
Neurol 38:987-989, Hart,R.G., 1988

Showing articles 0 to 49 of 49