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Anti-N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor (NHMDAR) Encephalitis in Children and Adolescents
Ann Neurol 66:11-18,1, Florance,N.R.,et al, 2009

A 7-Year-Old Boy with Acute-Onset Altered Mental Status
Neurol 96:e2774-e2778, Wong, G.J.,et al, 2021

Rapidly Progressive Vision Loss in a Patient with Breast Cancer
JAMA 322:1098-1099, Izzo, M.C.,et al, 2019

Antibody-Mediated Encephalitis
NEJM 378:840-851, Dalmau, J.,et al, 2018

Encephalitis with mGluR5 antibodies
Neurol 90:e1964-e1972, Spatola, M.,et al, 2018

Poor Vision in a Patient with White Hair and Pale Skin
BMJ 352:i24, Tripathy, K. & Sharma, Y.R., 2016

Clinicopathologic Conference, Acute Ischemic Stroke, Caused by Paradoxical Embolism Through a Patent Foramen Ovale, in a Patient with the May-Thurner Syndrome and a Hypercoagulable State Due to an Occult Renal-Cell Carcinoma
NEJM 374:1671-1680, Case 13-2016, 2016

Recurrent Stroke in Childhood Cancer Survivors
Neurol 85:1056-1064, Fullerton, H.J.,et al, 2015

Encephalitis and antibodies to synaptic and neuronal cell surface proteins
Neurol 77:179-189, Lancaster, E.,et al, 2011

Risk Factors of Cerebral Vein and Sinus Thrombosis
Front Neurol Neurosci 23:23-54, de Freitas, G.R. & Bogousslavsky, J., 2008

Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Cowden Syndrome
Medicine 84:129-136, Lok,C.,et al, 2005

Lancet 355:53-57, Callen,J.P., 2000

Transient Ischaemic Attack in a Young Woman
Lancet 355:622, Lee,P. & Tse, H., 2000

The Polymerase Chain Reaction:Application to Nervous System Disease
Ann Neurol 34:513-523, Darnell,R.B., 1993

Ataxia-Telangiectasia:An Interdisciplinary Approach to Pathogenesis
Medicine 70:99-117, Gatti,R.A.,et al, 1991

Neurofibromatosis and Other Disorders Among Children with CNS Tumors and Their Families
Neurol 39:487-492, Baptiste,M.,et al, 1989

Computed Tomography in Intracranial, Supratentorial Metastases in Children
Neuroradiology 31:19-23, Pedersen,H.,et al, 1989

Cancer-Associated Retinopathy (Car Syndrome) with Antibodies Reacting with Retinal, Optic-Nerve, and Cancer Cells
NEJM 321:1589-1594, 1607-16081989., Thirkill,C.E.,et al, 1989

Computed Tomographic Features of Nonthyroid Extraocular Muscle Enlargement
Ophthalmol 96:1038-1047, Patrinely,J.R.,et al, 1989

Paraneoplastic Syndromes Involving the Eyes
In Walsh & Hoyt's Clin Neuro-ophthal, 4th ed, Williams & Wilkins, Vol 3, p 1735-1746, Miller,N.R., 1988

Significance of Basal Ganglia Calcification on Computed Tomography in Children
Pediatr Neurosci 14:64-70, Zimmerman,L.A.,et al, 1988

Cancer in Relatives of Children with Central-Nervous-System Neoplasms
NEJM 311:749-753, Farwell,J.,et al, 1984

Cerebral Emboli of Paradoxical Origin
Ann Neurol 13:314-319, Jones,H.R.,et al, 1983

Myasthenia Gravis In Children:Long-Term Follow-up
Ann Neurol 13:504-510, Rodriguez,M.,et al, 1983

Primary Cerebral Venous Thrombosis in Young Adults:The Diverse Mmanifestations of an Underrecognized Disease
Ann Neurol 3:81, Averbak,P., 1978

Neurological Involvement in the Epidermal Naevus Syndrome
JNNP 41:466, McAuley,D.L.,et al, 1978

Infiltration of the Leptomeninges by Systemic Cancer:a Clinical & Pathologic Study
Arch Neurol 30:122, Olson,M.E.,et al, 1974

Showing articles 0 to 27 of 27