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Determination of Brain Death
NEJM 385:2554-2561, Greer, D.M., 2021

Determination of Brain Death/Death by Neurologic Criteria
JAMA doi:10.1001/JAMA.2020.11586, Greer, D.M.,et al, 2020

Brain Death, the Determination of Brain Death, and Member Guidance for Brain Death Accommodation Requests
Neurol 92:228-232, Russell, J.A.,et al, 2019

An Interdisciplinary Response to Contemporary Concerns About Brain Death Determination
Neurol 90:423-426, Lewis, A.,et al, 2018

Guidelines for the Determination of Brain Death in Infants and Children: An Update of the 1987 Task Force Recommendations - Executive Summary
Ann Neurol 71:573-585, Nakagawa,T.A.,et al, 2012

10 Questions About the Clinical Determination of Brain Death
Neurologist 13:380-381, Wijdicks,E.F.M., 2007

The Diagnosis of Brain Death
NEJM 344:1215-1221, 1244, Wijdicks,E.F.M., 2001

Fulminant Demyelinating Neuropathy Mimicking Cerebral Death
Muscle & Nerve 20:1595-1597997., Bakshi,N.,et al, 1997

Assessment of Brain SPECT:Report of the Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the AAN
Neurol 46:278-285, , 1996

The Use of Anencephalic Neonates as Organ Donors
Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, AMA, JAMA 273:1614-1618995., , 1995

Variability in Brain Death Determination Practices in Children
JAMA 274:550-553, Mejia,R.E.&Pollack,M.M., 1995

Validity of Brain Death Criteria in Infants
Pediatrics 96:513-518, Fishman,M.A., 1995

The Infant with Anencephaly
Med Task Force on Anencephaly, NEJM 322:669-6741990., , 1990

The Use of Anencephalic Infants as Organ Sources, A Critique
JAMA 261:1773-1781, Shewmon,D.A.,et al, 1989

Anencephalic Organ Donors, Guidelines Available from Britain and North America
BMJ 298:622-623, Salaman,J.R., 1989

Brain Death in the Newborn
Pediatrics 84:429-437, Ashwal,S.&Schneider,S., 1989

Xenon Computed Tomography Measuring Cerebral Blood Flow in the Determination of Brain Death in Children
Ann Neurol 25:539-546, Ashwal,S.,et al, 1989

EEG & Brain Death Determination in Children
Neurol 38:227-230, Alvarez,L.A.,et al, 1988

Age-Specific Characteristics of Brain Death in Children
Am J Dis Child 142:999-1003, Fackler,J.C.,et al, 1988

Commentary on Guidelines for the Determination of Brain Death in Children
Ann Neurol 24:789-791, Shewmon,D.A., 1988

Neurologic Uncertainty in Newborn Intensive Care
NEJM 316:840-843, Coulter,D.L., 1987

Guidelines for the Determination of Brain Death in Children
Task Force for the Determination of Brain Death in Children, Arch Neurol 44:587-5881987., , 1987

Showing articles 0 to 22 of 22