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Brain Calcification in a Young Woman With Seizures, Explore the Rare Differentials
Neurol 100:397-398, Menon,B.,et al, 2023

Salt and Pepper Sign, PLNTY for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy
Neurol 100:791-795, Paredes-Aragon,E.M.,et al, 2023

Spectrum of Neuroradiologic Findings Associated with Monogenic Interferonopathies
AJNR 43:2-10, Benjamin, P.,et al, 2022

Updates on Sturge-Weber Syndrome
Stroke 53:3769-3779, Yeom,S.E.&Comi,A.M., 2022

Sturge-Weber Syndrome,Dec, Patterson,M.C., 2022

The Syndrome of Cutaneous Photosensitivity, Growth Failure, and Basal Ganglia Calcification
Neurol 87:e56-e57, Saini, A.G.,et al, 2016

Parry Romberg Syndrome: 7 Cases and Literature Review
AJNR 36:1355-1361, Wong, M.,et al, 2015

Sturge-Weber Syndrome
UptoDate , Nov, Bodensteiner, J.B., 2014

Sturge-Weber Syndrome
MedLink Neurology, July, Comi, A.M., 2013

Chronic Granulomatous Herpes Encephalitis: A Rare Entity Posing a Diagnostic Challenge
J Neurosurg Pediatrics 8:402-406, Adamo, M.A.,et al, 2011

Neuroimaging in Cockayne Syndrome
AJNR 31:1623-1630, Koob,M.,et al, 2010

Aicardi-Goutiļæ½res Syndrome
Br Med Bull 89:183-201, Orcesi, S.,et al, 2009

The Management of Vein of Galen Aneurysmal Malformations
Neurosurgery 59:S3 184-194, Lasjaunias,P.L.,et al, 2006

Unihemispheric Cerebral Vasculitis Mimicking Rasmussen's Encephalitis
Neurol 58:327-328, Derry,C.,et al, 2002

A Practical Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of MELAS: Case Report and Review
The Neurologist 8:302-312, Thambisetty,M.,et al, 2002

Celiac Disease with Cerebral Calcium and Silica Deposits:X-ray Spectroscopic Findings, An Autopsy Study
Neurol 46:1088-1092, Toti,P.,et al, 1996

Correlation Between CAT Scan Abnormalities & Neuropsychological Function in Children with Symptomatic HIV Disease
Arch Neurol 52:39-44, Brouwers,P.,et al, 1995

Bilateral Occipital Calcification Associated with Celiac Disease, Folate Deficiency & Epilepsy
AJNR 16:1498-1500, Lea,M.E.,et al, 1995

Ependymomas of the Posterior Cranial Fossa:CT and MRI Findings
Neuroradiology 37:238-243, Tortori-Donati,P.,et al, 1995

Cortical Vascular Abnor in Synd of Celiac Disease, Epilepsy, Bilateral Occipital Calc, & Folate Deficiency
Ann Neurol 34:399-403, Bye,A.M.E.,et al, 1993

The Prevalence of CT Abnor of the Cerebrum in 100 Consecutive Children Symptomatic with the HIV
Ann Neurol 34:198-205, DeCarli,C.,et al, 1993

Posterior Cranial Fossa Tumours in Childhood
Neuroradiology 35:274-278, Chang,T.,et al, 1993

Lethal Cytomegalovirus Infection in Preterm Infants:Clinical, Radiological, and Neuropathological Findings
Ann Neurol 31:64-68, Perlman,J.M.&Argyle,C., 1992

Coeliac Disease, Epilepsy, and Cerebral Calcifications
Lancet 340:439-443, Gobbi,G.,et al, 1992

Congenital Brain Tumors:A Review of 45 Cases
AJR 155:587-593, Buetow,P.C.,et al, 1990

Computed Tomography in Intracranial, Supratentorial Metastases in Children
Neuroradiology 31:19-23, Pedersen,H.,et al, 1989

Symmetrical Thalamic Degeneration with Calcifications of Infancy
Am J Dis Child 143:1056-1060, DiMario,F.J.&Clancy,R., 1989

Congenital AIDS:Review of Neurological Problems
Child's Nerv Syst 5:9-11, Curles,R.G., 1989

Intracerebral Cavernous Angiomas
Neurol 38:1699-1704, Farmer,J.P.,et al, 1988

Mineralization of the Basal Ganglia Detected by CT in Hallervorden-Spatz Syndrome
Neurol 38:154-155, Tennison,M.B.,et al, 1988

Significance of Basal Ganglia Calcification on Computed Tomography in Children
Pediatr Neurosci 14:64-70, Zimmerman,L.A.,et al, 1988

AIDS:Calcification of the Basal Ganglia in Infants & Children
Neurol 36:1192-1199, Belman,A.L.,et al, 1986

Neurological Complications in Infants & Children with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Ann Neurol 18:560-566, Belman,A.L.,et al, 1985

Cysticercosis-Review of 230 Patients
Bull Clin Neurosci 50:76-101, McCormick.G.F., 1985

Revisited Old & New CT Findings in Unruptured Larger Arteriovenous Malformations of the Brain
J Comput Assist Tomogr 8:648-655, Kumar,A.J.,et al, 1984

Osteopetrosis, Renal Tubular Acidosis & Basal Ganglia Calcification in Three Sisters
Am J Med 69:64-74, Whythe,M.P.,et al, 1980

Intracranial Arteriovenous Malformations in Childhood
Ann Neurol 3:338, Kelly,J.J.,et al, 1978

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Recog & Relation to Neuro Abnormalities in Cockayne's Sydrome
Arch Neurol 35:337, Brumback,R.A.,et al, 1978

Familial Cavernous Angiomas
Arch Neurol 35:746-749, Bicknell,J.M.,et al, 1978

Calcification in Brainstem Gliomas
Neurol 28:832-834, Duffner,P.K.,et al, 1978

Pediatric Neurology
Psych Annals 2:1, , 1972

Neurology & Psychiatry Section-Year book of Pediatrics
Pediatr Abstract p. 406-449., , 1850

Showing articles 0 to 42 of 42